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Our Story Shelf

About Our Story Shelf

Our Story Shelf is an online children’s library that aims at making reading and books a part of every child’s life. With a growing collection of books for 1 to 12 year olds, the team provides book recommendations and suggestions tailored to a child’s needs. A colourful space, fun activities and workshops makes Our Story Shelf more than just a “book lending library”. It has grown to become a much loved institution among kids as well as parents.

The bimonthly storytelling sessions are interactive, making sure kids participate in the story. Our Story Shelf, also gives children an opportunity to share a story or an incident during the storytelling sessions, thereby enabling children to speak confidently and fearlessly in public.

They also provide a home delivery service for books. You can logon to the website, browse the entire collection, select books and get them delivered to your doorstep.

Our Story Shelf provides a unique platform for children to share their reviews of the books they read or are read to. They provide a set of guidelines to enable parents to help children express their thoughts about a story in a structured manner. Our Story Shelf also conducts workshops for children in various areas – like life skills and the early reading program.

Classes offered at Our Story Shelf

Age group
1 to 12 years
Over 1500+ books
Facility Details
✓ Restrooms✓ Kid-friendly Furniture✓ Reading Corner

Types of books

Early Readers
✓ Alaphabet Books✓ Baby Books✓ Bedtime Stories✓ First Books✓ Nursery Rhymes✓ Picture Story Books✓ Toddler Books✓ Touch & Feel Books
School going kids
✓ Bedtime Stories✓ Beginning Readers✓ Board Books✓ Concept Books✓ Counting Books✓ Easy Readers✓ Fairy Tales✓ Informational Books✓ Knowledge Books/ Series✓ Rhyming Books/ Rhythmic Books
Teens & above
✓ Action & Adventure✓ Auto Biographies✓ Biographies✓ Encyclopaedias✓ Fiction✓ History

Membership details

Membership Plan

Following membership plans are available.

  • 4 Books at a time:
    Security Deposit: Rs.1000/-
    Monthly: Rs.700/-
    Quarterly: Rs. 1950/-
    Semi-Annually: Rs.3750/-
  • 3 Books at a time:
    Security Deposit : Rs.750/-
    Monthly: Rs.600/-
    Quarterly: Rs.1650/-
    Semi-Annually: Rs.3150/-
  • 2 Books at a time:
    Security Deposit : Rs.500/-
    Monthly: Rs.500/-
    Quarterly: Rs.1350/-
    Semi-Annually : Rs.2550/-
  • A one time lifetime registration fee of Rs.500/- is required to be paid. The security deposit will be refunded.
  • In a month books can be borrowed multiple times.
  • Depending upon the plan chosen the number of books which can be borrowed are 2,3 and 4.
  • Membership plans include story telling sessions every 2nd and 4th Friday followed by a fun activity.