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Our Story Shelf

About Our Story Shelf

Our Story Shelf is a reading room and library of book and toys for kids to teens. It is an endeavour to make books an integral part of a child’s growing years and help parents expose their child to a variety of toys & concepts without having to always buy them.

Classes offered at Our Story Shelf

Age group
1 to 7 years
Facility Details
✓ Restrooms✓ Kid-friendly Furniture✓ Reading Corner

Types of books

Early Readers
✓ Alaphabet Books✓ Baby Books✓ Bedtime Stories✓ First Books✓ Nursery Rhymes✓ Picture Story Books✓ Toddler Books✓ Touch & Feel Books
School going kids
✓ Bedtime Stories✓ Beginning Readers✓ Board Books✓ Concept Books✓ Counting Books✓ Easy Readers✓ Fairy Tales✓ Informational Books✓ Knowledge Books/ Series✓ Rhyming Books/ Rhythmic Books

Membership details

Membership Plan

Following membership plans are available.

  • 4 Books at a time:
    Security Deposit: Rs.1000/-
    Monthly: Rs.550/-
    Quarterly: Rs. 1500/-
    Semi-Annually: Rs.2850/-
  • 3 Books at a time:
    Security Deposit : Rs.750/-
    Monthly: Rs.450/-
    Quarterly: Rs.1200/-
    Semi-Annually: Rs.2250/-
  • 2 Books at a time:
    Security Deposit : Rs.500/-
    Monthly: Rs.350/-
    Quarterly: Rs.900/-
    Semi-Annually : Rs.1650/-
  • A one time lifetime registration fee of Rs.500/- is required to be paid. The security deposit will be refunded.
  • In a month books can be borrowed multiple times.
  • Depending upon the plan chosen the number of books which can be borrowed are 2,3 and 4.
  • Membership plans include story telling sessions every 2nd and 4th Friday followed by a fun activity.