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Openhouse Public Speaking Club for Kids

Openhouse Public Speaking Club for Kids

Openhouse Public Speaking Club consists of logical and action oriented activities that aim to develop each student’s own style of speech and presentation. In this club, students are encouraged to ask questions and deliver speeches that captivate and engage the audience, while building confidence.

Beginner level (Months 1 – 6)

Debate · Improvisation · Storytelling · Scriptwriting

On completion of Level 1, students will have a healthy understanding of the underlying concepts of public speaking, debating techniques and effective speech writing. Students are expected to speak and present themselves with a good degree of confidence upon completion of level 1 and should begin to take part and excel in competitions and performances.

Intermediate Level (Months 6 – 12)

MUN · Debate · Reporting, Journalism, Podcasts & Content Creation · Poetry & Elocution: Creation & Delivery

On completion of Level 2, students will be well equipped with the prelimary concepts in global politics, MUN techniques and debates of increasing importance. Further, students are expected to be able to conceptualise and embark on personal projects, be it through journalism, blog/vlogs and performance poetry sessions.

Advanced Level (Months 12+)

MUN · Debate, Case Studies & Research · Speech, Drama & Monologues · Literature, Storytelling & Creative Skills

On completion of Level 3, students will be able to transition comfortably through all forms of public speaking while demonstrating a strong personal sense of style and research.Students will also have experience with related fields such as theatre and monologues, offering them a chance to branch out and explore their creative side. The skills at this level have a strong professional carry over.

By the end of three months, students will also begin to participate in showcases and performances.

Certification: Certificates are awarded to all students who successfully complete two showcases within 6 months with above 85% attendance for their regular classes and then move on to the next level.


For any further details or to register for the class request a call back from the Openhouse team.

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About Openhouse

Openhouse is a network of learning hubs that helps children grow into their best selves. Their curriculum is based on ‘learning by doing’, which emphasises on practice. They offer a wide range of academic and extracurricular classes for children aged 3-14.