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Openhouse Chess Classes for Kids

Openhouse Chess Classes for Kids

Openhouse Chess Classes provides students with a path to learning and excelling in one of the highest regarded indoor sports in the world. Being among the oldest strategy games in the world, chess teaches students various tactical and strategic motifs that find parallels in real life. This club will push students to build their analytical and problem-solving skills while teaching them a skillful game appreciated by many.

Beginner level (Months 1 – 6)

Piece Movement · Strategy · Tactics · Endgame

On completion of Level 1, students will be able to play basic level competitive chess. They will be equipped with skills to understand various piece moves and techniques, how to make an impactful endgame and use their moves to the best of their advantage. Through tournaments, students will also be able to work actively on their weak points and ensure learning and growth in the game.

Intermediate Level (Months 6 – 12)

Opening Study – Queen’s Gambit · Opening Study – King’s Indian Defence · Middle Game Principles · Checkmate Attacks

On completion of Level 2, students will be equipped with skills to understand various strategies on executing effective openings, good control over the centre of the board and use it to squeeze out an advantage in tough situations. Students will be able to work progressively towards strategies in the middle game and checkmate their opponents.

Advanced Level (Months 12+)

World Champion Study – Magnus Carlsen · World Champion Study – Vishwanathan Anand · Tactical Motifs · Endgame – Opposition, Triangulation, Lucena & Philidor

On completion of Level 3, students will learn from the preparation of world champions to understand how they played and achieved success. We will also look at tactical motifs that involve thinking through multiple complex calculation based decisions. The endgame is often the differentiator between a novice and a seasoned player and the student will be able to effectively navigate this tricky part of the game.

By the end of three months, students will also begin to participate in showcases and performances.

Certification: Certificates are awarded to all students who successfully complete two showcases within 6 months with above 85% attendance for their regular classes and then move on to the next level.


For any further details or to register for the class request a call back from the Openhouse team.

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Openhouse is a network of learning hubs that helps children grow into their best selves. Their curriculum is based on ‘learning by doing’, which emphasises on practice. They offer a wide range of academic and extracurricular classes for children aged 3-14.