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Openhouse Art & Design Club for Kids

Openhouse Art & Design Club for Kids

Openhouse Art & Design Club is a space for creative, artistic and design oriented students. Through an amalgamated curriculum that spans theoretical and practical knowledge of art & design concepts, students learn what the world of art and design consists of. Our practical hands-on sessions enable students to let their artistic expression flow through carefully designed activity plans.

Beginner level (Months 1 – 6)

Lines & Shapes · Painting & Brushwork · Sketching · 3D Art & Handicrafts

On completion of Level 1, students will be able to combine the knowledge of various art and design techniques such as colour merging, contrasting as well as material handling. Not only will they be able to create their individual art pieces using lines and shapes but will also start their exploration across mediums of art.

Intermediate Level (Months 6 – 12)

Forms & Textures · Sketching Techniques · Painting Techniques · Model Making

On completion of Level 2, students will be able to visualise and develop their ideas using various sketching, painting, and material handling techniques. They learn concepts like colour Theory, Perspective, Scale and proportion.They improve their critical thinking skills by analysing their own strengths and areas for improvement.

Advanced Level (Months 12+)

Principles of Design · Advanced Sketching & Painting · Designing · Model Making

On completion of Level 3, students will be able to pursue new age careers in the art and design fields.They study concepts such as Nature Inspired Design Thinking and Art and Design Principles.Sessions enable children to explore art and think, plan, and act beyond their current perceptions.with soft skills and a framework for hard skill development for a successful future career in any field they like.

By the end of three months, students will also begin to participate in showcases and performances.

Certification: Certificates are awarded to all students who successfully complete two showcases within 6 months with above 85% attendance for their regular classes and then move on to the next level.


For any further details or to register for the class request a call back from the Openhouse team.

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About Openhouse

Openhouse is a network of learning hubs that helps children grow into their best selves. Their curriculum is based on ‘learning by doing’, which emphasises on practice. They offer a wide range of academic and extracurricular classes for children aged 3-14.