Keep the fun alive with Online Classes & Workshops for Kids!

Keep the fun alive with Online Classes & Workshops for Kids! Cover Image

Get your hands on the BuzzingBubs 2020 guide for all the latest kids online classes & workshops for kids. Make the most of your kids’ time with fun activities, games and workshops – all from the comfort and safety of your home. So, are you ready to see what’s in store? Check out the list for yourself!

Our very special curated list of online classes & workshops for kids is now out, dear parents! Times are confusing, yes, but that doesn’t mean that we forget to have fun. This guide to the best online classes will give you a comprehensive list of all the interesting workshops, classes and programs that are happening online for kids to participate in during their time at home. And what’s more, these Online Classes & Workshops span across genres and categories, so there’s literally (virtually, rather!) going to be something special for everyone!

*Disclaimer: BuzzingBubs would like to inform parents that these are classes & workshops we are recommending based on the businesses listed with us. We do not conduct any programs of our own, however BuzzingBubs acts as a service provider for the organiser to accept registrations.

YouTube Champ Camp with Coach Cyrus Broacha Cover Image

1 YouTube Champ Camp with Coach Cyrus Broacha

Learn the art of content creation with none other than Coach Cyrus Broacha. Register for the YouTube Champ Camp created for a generation of kids who are native to social media. The program is designed to help them channelise their creativity and knowledge as new-age content creators. To help your kids learn from the best, this workshop has on board with the legendary Cyrus Broacha to take them on a rollicking 12-session journey, that's loaded with hands-on, project-based learning and tons of laughter.

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Kabini Family Wildlife Camp Cover Image

2 Kabini Family Wildlife Camp

The famous Nagarhole Tiger Reserve opens its gates to families and aspiring wildlife photographers and naturalists in a fun and unique camping experience! It's going be a memorable one for sure, as The Outback Experience team including Phillip Ross, Samantha Ross & Sriprem AR, guide you into these amazing forests, take you through the fundamentals of wildlife photography and equip you with a basic understanding of animal behaviour that will help you take stunning photographs.

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Amazing Turtles & Tortoises of India with Sneha Dharwadkar Cover Image

3 Amazing Turtles & Tortoises of India with Sneha Dharwadkar

Join herpetologist Sneha Dharwadkar & Green Compass over a 2-day workshop on the Amazing Turtles & Tortoises of India. Discover and fall in love with freshwater turtles and tortoises and learn about why these wonderful creatures matter, how they play a critical role in our food web and how our freshwater ecosystem is incomplete without them. In this workshop, kids will deep dive into their ecology to learn what they eat, how and where they live, why they are endangered and how they adapt to survive. Activities planned for the event interactive presentations, take home activities, virtual games, conservations & discussions.

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Act Smart: Drama Workshop with Life Skills Cover Image

4 Act Smart: Drama Workshop with Life Skills

Happiness is Love and The ArtBlend Ensemble present this power packed drama workshop with life skills – ‘Act Smart’. It is a 6-days acting workshop for all those who want to understand the nuances of performance making and acting. The workshop is developed keeping in mind the online medium of teaching. It is designed for learners who would want to discover or deepen their love for the craft of acting.

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Ted Harrison’s Northern Landscapes: Introduction to Artic Art & Art History Cover Image

5 Ted Harrison’s Northern Landscapes: Introduction to Artic Art & Art History

Join in for a 2-day workshop for kids on Ted Harrison’s Northern Landscapes – an Introduction to Artic Art & Art History. In this workshop children will be introduced  to Canada’s most famous artist Ted Harrison who uses lots of details with clean lines and color in his depictions of landscapes of Yukon (Canada).

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Musical Phonics Bootcamp for Children Cover Image

6 Musical Phonics Bootcamp for Children

Musical Phonics Bootcamp for Children with The Sound Space, India is the new curated online experience for young kids that Hullabaloo has come up with! The sessions in this bootcamp are a great opportunity for kids to find a new way of expressing themselves and their creativity. They are carefully curated so they can absorb on their own, enjoy themselves and have some “serious fun”! Activities planned for the event include music, signing, movement & rhythm and more. It’s a fun, unique, interactive online session with amazing collaborators.

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TOE Online Photography Workshop Cover Image

7 TOE Online Photography Workshop

The Outback Experience presents the perfect opportunity for budding young photography enthusiasts to master the art and science of digital photography without leaving the safety of their home. Conducted by a team of exceptional instructors, the children will experience a fun, educational, interactive and creative time.

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Hullabaloo Online Interactive Sessions – December Cover Image

8 Hullabaloo Online Interactive Sessions – December

This December, join Hullabaloo's Weekend Fun Online Interactive Sessions, curated especially for young children. These sessions are fun, unique, interactive and done with amazing collaborators. From stick puppets to DIY and more, activities for the session include storytelling, object theatre, STEM activities and a special musical event!

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BrainArt Online Art Classes Cover Image

9 BrainArt Online Art Classes

Let your kids reveal their creativity while staying at home with BrainArt’s Online Art classes. The online art classes will help develop their fine motor skills, problem solving skills, hand-eye coordination, cognitive thinking & creative expression. It will give your kids an opportunity to connect, identify and construct their cultural identities.

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IMEM Online Mridangam Classes Cover Image

10 IMEM Online Mridangam Classes

Mridanga is a percussion instrument that is said to have been played by Lord Nandi when Lord Shiva performed the dance of rhythm or Tandava. At the IME learning centre classes, your kids will now get an opportunity to learn the very same instrument! The Mridangam classes follow the diploma course structured by IME.

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Cogitus Explorers Program Cover Image

11 Cogitus Explorers Program

Your kids now have a chance to go exploring with the online explorer program Cogitus Explorer! These collaborative and interactive sessions will encourage curiosity in children and immerse them in understanding the similarities & differences in the world - across continents, countries and cultures. In the sessions they will learn the geographical skills of mapping and navigation, fall in love with the Atlas and cultures of the world. This dynamic module will engage kids into knowing our world through stories while putting them into shoes of explorers.

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TOE Indian Wildlife Workshop Cover Image

12 TOE Indian Wildlife Workshop

The Outback Experience presents a brilliant opportunity for wildlife enthusiasts to learn about the amazing bio-diversity that India has to offer. The workshop is led by award-winning wildlife photographer Phillip Ross who is exceptional with children, and will ensure a fun, educational, interactive and creative time. This Indian Wildlife Workshop is spread over 4 days, of 1.5 hours each day.

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Taaqademy Early Years Online Music Program Cover Image

13 Taaqademy Early Years Online Music Program

Taaqademy brings to you special online music lessons for kids, through which the love for music is shared with everyone. Taaqademy Early Years Online Music Program focuses on two age groups - 3 to 4 years and 5 to 6 years. The classes focus on enhancing musical concepts through song learning, storytelling, games and activities.

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Montessori From Birth – Pregnancy Master Course Cover Image

14 Montessori From Birth – Pregnancy Master Course

Montessori From Birth by Follow your child is a pregnancy master course which prepares expecting mothers to start their Montessori journey right away.

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Family Naturalist & Wildlife Camp Cover Image

15 Family Naturalist & Wildlife Camp

The Outback Experience presents a family special – Naturalist and Wildlife Camp. This specially crafted one-and-a-half day camp is a perfect opportunity for parents to get to bond with their children and experience the best that nature has on offer at the same time. You and your family will be staying at The Outback Farm & Homestay, a lovely property on the edge of a gleaming lake, where you can experience the joys of birding, wildlife tracking, angling and wildlife photography.

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Melio Spelling Bee, Speed Math & Storytelling Challenge Level 1 Cover Image

16 Melio Spelling Bee, Speed Math & Storytelling Challenge Level 1

Melio is organising 12 Live online international competitions in December 2020 for Grades 1-6. Participants can choose from any of the three top challenges currently being offered by Melio – you can narrate a 'story with a moral' in the Storytelling Challenge, solve basic arithmetic as quickly as you can in the Speed Math Challenge or spell out some tricky words in the Spelling Bee Challenge!

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Lippan Relief Mud & Mirror Workshop Cover Image

17 Lippan Relief Mud & Mirror Workshop

The Lippan Relief Mud and Mirror Workshop is where children will explore Mud and Mirror Work which is also known as Lippan Kaam. It is a traditional mural craft of Kutch, Gujarat, India, which is about Lippan or mud-washing using materials locally available in the region like mixture of clay and camel dung that keeps the interiors of the houses cool. In this workshop your kids will learn to use different materials that can be used for making Lippan Kaam followed by moulding & pinching the dough for creating outlines and patterns.

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Algorithmics Scratch Programming Classes Cover Image

18 Algorithmics Scratch Programming Classes

Algorithmics Scratch Programming Classes for Kids is a fun way of getting the little ones interested in the process of developing and implementing various sets of instructions to enable a computer to do a certain task. Children will get their first knowledge of working with code, understand and master the basic principles of programming. They will learn to think logically, to program cartoons, online games, to understand algorithms in order to create their own projects using a block line interface. A good mix of logic & creativity, this workshop will encourage collaboration and nurture analytical skills as well.

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