Keep the fun alive with Online Summer Classes & Workshops for Kids!

Keep the fun alive with Online Summer Classes & Workshops for Kids! Cover Image

Get your hands on the BuzzingBubs 2020 guide for all the latest online summer camps & workshops for kids. Make the most of your kids’ time with fun activities, games and workshops – all from the comfort and safety of your home. So, are you ready to see what’s in store? Check out the list for yourself!

Our very special curated list of online summer camps for kids is now out, dear parents! Times are confusing, yes, but that doesn’t mean that we forget to have fun. This guide to the best online summer camps will give you a comprehensive list of all the interesting workshops, classes and programs that are happening online for kids to participate in during their time at home. And what’s more, these Online Summer Classes & Workshops span across genres and categories, so there’s literally (virtually, rather!) going to be something special for everyone!

*Disclaimer: BuzzingBubs would like to inform parents that these are summer camps we are recommending based on the businesses listed with us. We do not help with procuring registration slots for any of the camps here nor are we personally affiliated with any of the organisers who have listed their camps. We do not conduct any programs of our own. Please reach out to the respective camps for details on enrolment, available slots and registration details, if any.

BrainArt Online Visual Art Workshop Cover Image

1 BrainArt Online Visual Art Workshop

BrainArt's Online Visual Art Workshop is designed to help children express their creative ideas. The art workshops are structured beyond just drawing and finger printing, they are designed to introduce children to the world of visual art. It’s not only about the technique but learning about artist's, art movement and more.

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Virtual/Online Photography Workshop Cover Image

2 Virtual/Online Photography Workshop

Camps and workshops by The Outback Experience that offers budding photographers with exciting learning opportunities. Led by award-winning wildlife photographer Phillip Ross, your kids will take back a wealth of knowledge on photography and wildlife, along with tons of good photographs, all while having a super fun holiday. When it comes to combining fun and learning, The Outback Experience’s photography workshops are some of the best available out there.

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Future Skills for Happiness & Success Cover Image

3 Future Skills for Happiness & Success

Here’s your chance to let your kids learn some ‘magic skills’ for the future that will help them grow and find enduring success in life. Learn about communication and boundaries, adaptability and collaboration. Inculcate positive work skills, self-awareness and emotional intelligence. Happiness is key and these skills will surely help your kids in going the extra mile.

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Kidero Online Extracurricular Activities Cover Image

4 Kidero Online Extracurricular Activities

Take advantage of the lockdown to improve the all-round development of your child with Kidero Extracurricular Activities for Kids. Full week of FREE UNLIMITED online sessions across 20+ activities. Your kids are going to be spoiled for choice with Zumba, drawing, sketching, painting, karate & self-defence, paper quilling and so much more. All activities will be conducted under the guidance of certified experts!

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Create with the Arduino Cover Image

5 Create with the Arduino

Go ahead and make something new at the Create with the Arduino online workshop. Through this course, you will cover the basics of electronics, programming, and micro-controllers using the Arduino platform. By the end of 4 weeks, you will be able to create your own projects that involve electronics and computer programming. Projects during the course will include mini-piano and light sensitive LED lamp!

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Brainart Online Summer Art Workshop Cover Image

6 Brainart Online Summer Art Workshop

BrainArt’s Online Summer Art Workshop for kids takes into consideration quarantine time and gives it a productive spin. Expect a lot of fun activities and workshops with materials that are easily available at home. During the sessions parents and kids will get the chance to interact with the mentors to ensure they get the most out of it.

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Hullabaloo Online Interactive Sessions Cover Image

7 Hullabaloo Online Interactive Sessions

Hullabaloo Online Interactive Sessions provides curated experiences for kids that will help them enrich their lives. These carefully curate experiences are unique, fun and interactive with activities such as storytelling, Hindi classical sing-a-longs, story & puppetry, Origami, Yoga, painting, gardening, a crash course on sustainably and more. With all this being conducted online, your kids can have a wholesome experience from the comfort of their homes.

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Drama Llama Theatre ACT Introductory Theatre Workshop Cover Image

8 Drama Llama Theatre ACT Introductory Theatre Workshop

Make some room for drama, folks because Drama Llama Theatre India is hosting “RazzMatazz” - an online theatre workshop for children. If your kids have a flair for the stage, then this program is the right place for them to start. From effectively using body language to in acting to vocalizing and character work, the workshop is all about channelling positive energy into an activity that you love.

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Summer Springs – Online Camp by Dribbling Panda Cover Image

9 Summer Springs – Online Camp by Dribbling Panda

Summer Springs - Online Camp by Dribbling Panda is here in its new avatar! With reduced screen interaction, this online session has been customized to create a limitless experience for children teaching them to welcome, unlock and adapt with their inner potential! These sessions will include musical experiences, movement and experiential games, stories and drama, nature's art, interactive fun and activities for mindful living along with a therapeutic touch towards holistic healing and emotional well-being.

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Let’s Go Green Together Cover Image

10 Let’s Go Green Together

Here’s a chance for you and our kids to get closer to Mother Nature! The online summer camp ‘Let’s Go Green Together’ is all about showing some love to the world around us. To show the planet that you care, the online workshop will include learning and exploring the joy of recycling through fun games, art & craft, story writing, dance & movement, drama & theatre and more.

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Logical Reasoning & Math Concept Building Program Cover Image

11 Logical Reasoning & Math Concept Building Program

Logical Reasoning & Math Concept Building Program will help develop logical reasoning while sharpening analytical skills, computing skills and problem-solving skills. The workshop will explore interesting concepts like coding-decoding, Einstein puzzles, Cryptograms, patterns and sequences, lie detection, Sudoku and many more. It will be a challenging as well as a fun for your kids, taking their skills to the next level. 

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Introduction to Entrepreneurship Online Cover Image

12 Introduction to Entrepreneurship Online

Introduction to Entrepreneurship is an online learning course for kids that will help them to transform into young entrepreneurs! Get ready to be creative and innovative as your kids are challenged to look at real world problems and come up with creative solutions.

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Dazzle As a Public Speaking Star Cover Image

13 Dazzle As a Public Speaking Star

It’s time for your kids to dazzle as a public speaking star. Public speaking can be hard and becoming a master at it can be a challenge. But with this session, your kids will learn to overcome their fear of speaking and channel their hidden talent on stage, in front of an audience and in day to day life. The session will also teach your kids to be more confident, informative, persuasive, entertaining and motivating. 

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Paper Engineering Cover Image

14 Paper Engineering

In the Paper Engineering online workshop, you will explore paper folding, geometry and structures over 4 weeks! A great way to develop your spatial skills as well as math and lateral thinking, all while making art and sculptures. The workshop will teach you the basic concepts that go into making pop up structures and paper models.

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RhythmnRhyme Parent Child Music & Movement Online Class Cover Image

15 RhythmnRhyme Parent Child Music & Movement Online Class

RhythmnRhyme Parent Child Music & Movement Online Class is all set for a fun time with you and your bubs. Each class has been designed to ensure you and your little ones gets an active  music-making experience learning fun, interactive songs. Promoting coordination, balance, rhythm and self-esteem, this workshop for infants and toddlers will facilitate growth through music and learning. 

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RnRFit Online Fitness Classes for Kids Cover Image

16 RnRFit Online Fitness Classes for Kids

Fitness is of the utmost importance during the lockdown period – both for you and your kids. To make this journey towards a healthier lifestyle easier, you have the RnRFit Online Fitness Classes for Kids. Kids can learn to cartwheel, master handstand or just get fit. The coaches at RnRFit will be slow in giving instructions and help you every step of the way.

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John’s Online Music Classes Cover Image

17 John’s Online Music Classes

Music certainly makes things better, wouldn’t you agree? So, now that you’ve got a little more time at hand, an online music class would be a perfect way to go about doing something fun while at home. Great for kids as well as adults, John's Online Music Classes will give you a chance to try your hand at learning the Guitar, Piano, Keyboards and Western Vocals. It’s just the ideal place to experiment a bit with music and learn something new.

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Online Dance Classes for Kids: Attakkalari Connect Cover Image

18 Online Dance Classes for Kids: Attakkalari Connect

Dance the lockdown away with online dance classes for kids by Attakkalari Connect! If your children are fed up of staying indoors - here's how they can be physically active and have fun while still learning and growing through dance. Every session is designed keeping in mind the space restrictions of being at home. You get to choose between three popular dance forms and the first online class is completely free!

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Toddler Sense @Home Cover Image

19 Toddler Sense @Home

At home classes for toddlers, coming to you right at your living room. Toddler Sense classes are coming to your homes and with everything you need to take your children on a magical adventure. There are four different themes that you can enjoy including animal safari, rainbows, wild west and pirates! How does that sound for a fun session at home?! 

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unLab Online Science Workshops Cover Image

20 unLab Online Science Workshops

Time to get your science on, parents and make the most of the stay-at-home time for your kids. What’s in store? Fun-filled science activities, with the materials and tools that are easily available at home. This is going to be a hands-on science workshop by ThinkTac which will be facilitated through digital resources such as videos, guides and observation sheets that will allow your children to comfortably enjoy the experiments and learn science behind them as well.

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SmaOwl Coding Camp 2020 Cover Image

21 SmaOwl Coding Camp 2020

SmaOwl Coding Camp - a mission to inspire the next generation of innovators, creative thinkers, and problem-solvers in a global and innovation-based economy. Supported and certified by TOSC, IIT Kanpur, this coding summer camp for kids will have interactive live classes through a remote mentor from IIT/ NIT/ BITS/ IIIT as well as an online platform to ask doubts out of the class.

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Drones Online Summer Camp for Kids Cover Image

22 Drones Online Summer Camp for Kids

Drones Online Summer Camp for Kids. Here’s their chance to understand and build a drone right from scratch. Your kid will learn Drone technology through live one-on-one online classes from industry experts. Additionally, during the building process, your kids will get 100% guidance and attention from the trainers, so the session will be both informative and enjoyable with practical use. The session will use a pre-shared kit along with an online live training module which can be accessed safely from home.

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Train Your Brain Online Workshop Cover Image

23 Train Your Brain Online Workshop

PoornaPragya brings you an online camp to engage your kids at home in a fun learning way. Poornapragya's Train your Brain program is full of fun and adventure and mystery and stories to holistically improve maths concepts, calculations and memory techniques to make students fall in love with learning and studies!

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Trill Route Online Music Classes Cover Image

24 Trill Route Online Music Classes

Trill Route is going live, with online music classes for Guitar, Ukulele, Keyboard, Piano, Drums, Western Vocals and Hindustani Vocals. The course plans are designed to suit the requirements, age and proficiency level of the students and the online sessions are conducted by professionals from the music industry. Each class is evaluated for student satisfaction and only then marked as a session.

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Coding Online Summer Camp for Kids Cover Image

25 Coding Online Summer Camp for Kids

Coding is quickly becoming the next big thing for kids and luckily, with the coding online summer camp your little geniuses won’t fall behind. the application and utility of coding runs far and wide but during this session, your kids, with the right amount of curiosity and confidence, will learn all the basics of coding via one-on-one classes conducted by experts. There will be enough attention and focus given to each kid so that they’re efforts all result to the best results. For the online coding session, your kid will use the software & live training from experts to build cool projects safely from home.

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Robotics Online Summer Camp for Kids Cover Image

26 Robotics Online Summer Camp for Kids

Robotics Online Summer Camp for Kids where learning will happen with kits & live one-on-one online classes. Parents, isn’t it wonderful to know that your kid has a chance to create the next big technology…and helping them develop the right curiosity and confidence at a young age plays a big role in achieving the same. That's exactly what the Summer Robotics Online Camp will do for you! Your kid will learn robotics through live guided sessions from experts with 100% attention…and they’ll get to build some very cool robots as well.

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Furtados Virtual Masterclass Series Cover Image

27 Furtados Virtual Masterclass Series

Furtados Virtual Masterclass Series Virtual Masterclass Series by Furtados School of Music will give your kids access to sessions conducted by music industry experts at exclusive prices. You’ll have Sanjay Divecha on the Guitar, Taufiq Qureshi & Arun Kumar for Percussion, Ravi Chary mesmerizing you with the Sitar, Thomson Andrews on vocals, Isheeta Chakrvarty on […]

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