Keep the fun alive with Online Classes & Workshops for Kids!

Keep the fun alive with Online Classes & Workshops for Kids! Cover Image

Get your hands on the BuzzingBubs 2020 guide for all the latest online camps & workshops for kids. Make the most of your kids’ time with fun activities, games and workshops – all from the comfort and safety of your home. So, are you ready to see what’s in store? Check out the list for yourself!

Our very special curated list of online classes & workshops for kids is now out, dear parents! Times are confusing, yes, but that doesn’t mean that we forget to have fun. This guide to the best online classes will give you a comprehensive list of all the interesting workshops, classes and programs that are happening online for kids to participate in during their time at home. And what’s more, these Online Classes & Workshops span across genres and categories, so there’s literally (virtually, rather!) going to be something special for everyone!

*Disclaimer: BuzzingBubs would like to inform parents that these are classes & workshops we are recommending based on the businesses listed with us. We do not conduct any programs of our own, however BuzzingBubs acts as a service provider for the organiser to accept registrations.

Globetripper Greats: Past Leaders of India Cover Image

1 Globetripper Greats: Past Leaders of India

Come and learn about the pioneers, past leaders and foundation stones of India at the Globetripper Greats. This session is all about exploration of our great Indian stalwarts and understanding of how all this and more goes in the making of us being proud Indians. 

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Uable Experimenter Program Cover Image

2 Uable Experimenter Program

As an experimenter, your children will learn to be curious about cool scientific phenomena around them at the Uable Experimenter Program. They will get an opportunity to listen, observe, hypothesize, experiment, and record their findings.

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Creative Coding Online Workshop Cover Image

3 Creative Coding Online Workshop

In the creative coding online workshop, you will explore creating animations through code, generative art, and more! Covering the basics of coding and programming, it is a great way to develop computational thinking, logic and math…while making art!

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BrainArt Online Visual Art Workshop Cover Image

4 BrainArt Online Visual Art Workshop

BrainArt's Online Visual Art Workshop is designed to help children express their creative ideas. The art workshops are structured beyond just drawing and finger printing, they are designed to introduce children to the world of visual art. It’s not only about the technique but learning about artist's, art movement and more.

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Create, Design, Innovate! Entrepreneurship Camp Cover Image

5 Create, Design, Innovate! Entrepreneurship Camp

Create, Design, Innovate at the Online Entrepreneurship Camp for kids. Founded by a group of serial entrepreneurs from Singapore’s incubator, The Creative Square Company, the camp offers a wide variety of workshops to develop the participant’s confidence and knowledge in life skills.

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Hullabaloo & Lil Yogis: Yoga Boot Camp for Kids Cover Image

6 Hullabaloo & Lil Yogis: Yoga Boot Camp for Kids

Yoga Boot Camp for Kids by Hullabaloo in association with Lil Yogis will focus on introducing yoga to children and guide them towards a healthier lifestyle. Designed for kids of up to 6 years, the objective of this program is not to teach but to inspire the little ones to be well rounded individuals by learning self-awareness and calming techniques that will help them in their everyday lives.

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Uable Detective Program Cover Image

7 Uable Detective Program

There’s a mystery and it’s time to solve it! The Uable Detective Program will take your kids through an immersive journey of what it is to be a detective. By the process of solving a diverse range of simulated cases, the kids will get to explore and understand lots of cool investigative skills like keen observation, making connections, verifying evidence, forming hypotheses, supporting their position, and documenting among others. The learning experiences will help them to sharpen their critical thinking and lateral thinking skills and build a solid foundation for other specialisations in this field.

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Virtual/Online Photography Workshop Cover Image

8 Virtual/Online Photography Workshop

Online Photography Workshop by The Outback Experience has been personally developed to be highly productive ensuring unique experiences and personal grooming by the mentor. The workshop will include not only theory-based learning, but a lot of practical learning too.

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Paper Engineering Cover Image

9 Paper Engineering

In the Paper Engineering online workshop, you will explore paper folding, geometry and structures over 4 weeks! A great way to develop your spatial skills as well as math and lateral thinking, all while making art and sculptures. The workshop will teach you the basic concepts that go into making pop up structures and paper models.

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Popcorn Phonics Cover Image

10 Popcorn Phonics

Popcorn Phonics is a 6-week comprehensive online course for parents and educators that is designed to equip you with the necessary skills needed to teach phonics to children. The course focuses on application-based learning where you’ll get to apply your knowledge and understanding of phonics.

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Fun Online Doodling Course for Kids Cover Image

11 Fun Online Doodling Course for Kids

Doodling is simple, easy, and fun. All it takes is practice! In this pre-recorded course by The Talking Canvas, Anina will show you the process of transforming imagination into art. Start with warm up exercises and then gradually proceed to develop your imagination, create your own characters, and tell a story about them!

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BrainArt Online Art Classes Cover Image

12 BrainArt Online Art Classes

Let your kids reveal their creativity while staying at home with BrainArt’s Online Art classes. The online art classes will help develop their fine motor skills, problem solving skills, hand-eye coordination, cognitive thinking & creative expression. It will give your kids an opportunity to connect, identify and construct their cultural identities.

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Hullabaloo Online Interactive Sessions Cover Image

13 Hullabaloo Online Interactive Sessions

Hullabaloo Online Interactive Sessions provide curated experiences for kids that will help them enrich their lives. These carefully curated experiences are unique, fun and interactive with activities such as storytelling, sing-along, story & puppetry, creative expression, paper art and more & more in collaboration with reputed artists & brands across the country.

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Unlock Your Emotional Superpower Cover Image

14 Unlock Your Emotional Superpower

Unlock Your Emotional Superpower online program for kids 7 to 12 years by CueKids! In this course, your kids will be working with and on their emotions. Through lots of interactive activities, games, role-plays and craftwork, kids will be able to be able to understand, comprehend, and tackle their emotions and thus become more emotionally intelligent.

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Confidence & Character Building Workshop Cover Image

15 Confidence & Character Building Workshop

Have you ever wondered about self-confidence and have you ever wanted to know what you can do to help yourself build it? Well, this workshop by Happiness is Love on building Confidence & Character Building Workshop is what you need. The workshop will delve into topics like positive communication and listening skills – how you can become better at them and make them work to your advantage.

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