Keep the fun alive with Online Classes & Workshops for Kids!

Keep the fun alive with Online Classes & Workshops for Kids! Cover Image

Get your hands on the BuzzingBubs 2021 guide for all the latest kids online classes & workshops for kids. Make the most of your kids’ time with fun activities, games and workshops – all from the comfort and safety of your home. So, are you ready to see what’s in store? Check out the list for yourself!

Our very special curated list of online classes & workshops for kids is now out, dear parents! Times are confusing, yes, but that doesn’t mean that we forget to have fun. This guide to the best online classes will give you a comprehensive list of all the interesting workshops, classes and programs that are happening online for kids to participate in during their time at home. And what’s more, these Online Classes & Workshops span across genres and categories, so there’s literally (virtually, rather!) going to be something special for everyone!

*Disclaimer: BuzzingBubs would like to inform parents that these are classes & workshops we are recommending based on the businesses listed with us. We do not conduct any programs of our own, however BuzzingBubs acts as a service provider for the organiser to accept registrations.

Sing For Fun: Online Western Music Classes Cover Image

1 Sing For Fun: Online Western Music Classes

OVIMA brings to you Sing for Fun Western Music Classes where kids learn vocal technique to sing effortlessly across different types of music genres. Students will learn different genres including Pop, Rap, Hip Hop, Broadway, Disney, Bollywood & more. OVIMA works with its students in a holistic way developing the individual, and not just the students, artistic and musical skills.

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YouTube Champ Camp with Coach Cyrus Broacha Cover Image

2 YouTube Champ Camp with Coach Cyrus Broacha

Learn the art of content creation with none other than Coach Cyrus Broacha. Register for the YouTube Champ Camp created for a generation of kids who are native to social media. The program is designed to help them channelise their creativity and knowledge as new-age content creators. To help your kids learn from the best, this workshop has on board with the legendary Cyrus Broacha to take them on a rollicking 12-session journey, that's loaded with hands-on, project-based learning and tons of laughter.

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DRAMATIC – Interactive Online Drama Workshop Cover Image

3 DRAMATIC – Interactive Online Drama Workshop

Drama Llama Theatre India presents ‘DRAMATIC’, an interactive drama workshop where kids can learn to act, read, move, express and design while finding their area of interest! It is a 6-month certified course that will help children understand all aspects of theatre production including acting, scripting and production. Through theatre games, team-building exercises, your kids will be able to bring a performance to life and have a ton of fun learning to do so, making the best use of time indoors.

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Hullabaloo+ Who wants to make a Comic Story Cover Image

4 Hullabaloo+ Who wants to make a Comic Story

Learn to make your own comic story in a fun and interactive workshop for kids by Hullabaloo! In this workshop, they’ll be able to make their very own! A doll that is actually a superhero or a horse that trots to the moon…a dog that sings or a teddy bear who is an amazing chef; the workshop will teach the kids to make their own character, story and comic strip! Doodling, cartooning and visual storytelling are some of the fun activities that have been lined up.

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Montessori From Birth – Pregnancy Master Course Cover Image

5 Montessori From Birth – Pregnancy Master Course

Montessori From Birth is a pregnancy course conducted by Follow your child which prepares expecting mothers to start their Montessori journey right away.

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Coding with Scratch Jr by The Little Thinkers Lab Cover Image

6 Coding with Scratch Jr by The Little Thinkers Lab

The Little Thinkers Lab presents “Coding with Scratch Jr”, an online workshop that will open your kids’ mind to powerful ideas in engineering and computer science through the Scratch Jr. application. The curriculum for the workshop revolves around Scratch Jr and is designed in a way that it can be applied to many - disciplines both academic and outside the classroom.

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Hullabaloo Online Interactive Sessions – February Cover Image

7 Hullabaloo Online Interactive Sessions – February

Hullabaloo’s back with their Sunday Fun Online Interactive Sessions specially curated for the month of February! Designed for young children, these interactive sessions have been planned with various collaborators and are across topics like storytelling, shadow theatre, STEM activities, puppet theatre and more. Each session will unfold a new learning experience for the little ones and new ways in which they can express themselves with no compromise on the ‘FUN’! To ensure that the sessions are interactive they have limited spots of max 10 children per session.

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TOE Online Photography Workshop Cover Image

8 TOE Online Photography Workshop

The Outback Experience presents the perfect opportunity for budding young photography enthusiasts to master the art and science of digital photography without leaving the safety of their home. Conducted by a team of exceptional instructors, the children will experience a fun, educational, interactive and creative time.

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IMEM Online Mridangam Classes Cover Image

9 IMEM Online Mridangam Classes

Mridanga is a percussion instrument that is said to have been played by Lord Nandi when Lord Shiva performed the dance of rhythm or Tandava. At the IME learning centre classes, your kids will now get an opportunity to learn the very same instrument! The Mridangam classes follow the diploma course structured by IME.

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TOE Indian Wildlife Workshop Cover Image

10 TOE Indian Wildlife Workshop

The Outback Experience presents a brilliant opportunity for wildlife enthusiasts to learn about the amazing bio-diversity that India has to offer. The workshop is led by award-winning wildlife photographer Phillip Ross who is exceptional with children, and will ensure a fun, educational, interactive and creative time. This Indian Wildlife Workshop is spread over 4 days, of 1.5 hours each day.

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