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Oi Playschool Campcation 2019

Oi Playschool Campcation 2019

Oi Playschool Campcation 2019 is a fun summer camp with loads of activities for learning and development in different fields. Children will discover the birds and butterflies around them. They will traverse into castle adventures and muddy dessert. Flying kites and listening to stories sitting under a tree is going to be one of the most cherished memory from their sunny vacation.

Help your child develop their fine and gross motor skills, enhance their strength, coordination and endurance and also strengthen self help and social skills in the most fun way!


  • Tune to the Sand Dunes
    Enhances coordination, strength and endurance
  • Pick a Picasso
    Encourages creative use of material & develops fine motor skills
  • Lets Chef Up
    Strengthens self-help and social skills
  • Testing Wacky Waters
    Strengthens coordination, fine and gross motor skills