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Oi Playschool

About Oi Playschool

Oi Playschool is committed to create global leaders in partnership with parents through our early childhood program.

Playschool Philosophy:
The roots of their preschool philosophy come from the theories of Piaget, Erikson and Ygotsky.
To provide a platform for global learning through their pedagogy balanced with rich traditional values.
To enable a child to explore the world outside their homes in safe and stimulating environment.
To nurture the child socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually and to be a lifelong learner.
To motivate parents to be an effective partner in encouraging independence, fostering creativity, instilling confidence and developing values of love and trust.

Type of School
Playschool & Preschool
Curriculum Details

To know more about their curriculum, check out this infographic:

Admission Details

Admissions are open all throughout the year, but purely on the basis of availability of seats and hence we recommend blocking seats well in advance.

Their Academic year runs from June to April, divided in to 2 terms.

Classes & Cut-off Age
Class Age Group
Infants 6 to 18 months
Toddler 1.5 to 2.5 years
Nursery 2.5 to 3.5 years
PP1 3.5 to 4.5 years
PP2 4.5 to 5.5 years

Playground :

  • Their campuses have age-appropriate, high-quality playground equipment that is safe and kid tested.
  • All outside play areas are inside secure fences with locked gates.
  • Children may not use play equipment when it is wet and without the supervision of an adult.


  • They have strict policies for administering medication to children. They require a doctor’s note for any medication, prescription or over the counter, given to a child to ensure their safety.
  • Medications are stored out of the reach of children.
Safety Features

At Oi Playschool, they understand that education and development are important, but nothing matters more than the safety of the children. At Oi Preschool safety is a top priority. Their teachers and staff take great care to ensure safety at preschool by creating a safe and healthy environment that allows children to learn without boundaries – creating a world of endless possibilities for themselves. They have the following measures in place to ensure the safety, health and security of the children.

Health Check :

  • Each morning when the child arrives at school the teacher ensure the child’s hands are sanitised before going to class.
  • The Teacher/staff continues to monitor the child for any symptoms of illness during the day and notifies parents when their child does not feel well to help prevent an illness from spreading.
  • All teachers are trained in first aid .

Cleanliness :

  • Their campus, toys and other materials are disinfected on a daily basis with safe, non-toxic cleaning products. These products are locked away safely out of the reach of children.
  • They encourage children to wash their hands several times throughout the day. They make learning about health and hygiene fun through songs and rhymes.

Security :

  • All measures are taken to generate security at playschool.
  • Our campuses are secured so that only authorised staff and families may enter.
  • No child will be released to any unknown person without written authorisation and proper identification.
  • Access to all classrooms is monitored and controlled to ensure security at preschool.
  • Their safe, secure perimeters ensure that children can enjoy outdoor play safely.
  • We use safety gates and cap all electrical outlets at child’s reach.
  • Their campuses are equipped with fire extinguishers.
School Van

Pick up and drop facility available. Kindly get in touch with the school for further details.

After School Facilities

They have a structured after school program named as Beyond The Bell, which is rich with activities helping a child with holistic development. BTB is a unique after school program that will help parents give their children a unique learning experience after the regular school hours and provide a common platform for various activities under one roof.

It includes Academic and Enrichment programs such as,

  • Educational field trips
  • Art & Craft programs
  • Fitness Education
  • Etiquette classes
  • Dance classes
  • Music classes
  • and many more.

By enrolling your child in a quality program like this you are not only ensuring a fun filled learning environment to your kid but are also helping them improve academically, personally and socially.

Additional Info

They do have uniform for all the grades and the frequency of wearing it differs from grade to grade. This uniform will be a part of student kit given at the time of admission. Uniform at school not only provides a sense of togetherness and equality among children but also gives them a neat and a well groomed look.

They have a healthy 1:8 adult child ratio and if the no. of kids increases to approximately 12 then adult child ratio of 2:12 comes in to existence, which means for every 12 kids there is one teacher and one support staff.