How The Mutha School can nurture curious children

How The Mutha School can nurture curious children Cover Image

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Do you have curious children at home? Do you believe in keeping that spark alive and well through their formative years? The Mutha School may be just what you need.

Walk into The Mutha School on any day and you’d find an environment of learning coupled with curiosity. From the moment of birth onwards, humans strive towards independence. Children feel this need very strongly; they want to do things for themselves, and to participate in the world around them. At The Mutha School, the child becomes an active agent in his/her own education, saying, “Help me to do it myself.” The need to nurture curious children is what drove the inception of this school.

As a part of a larger mission, this school aims to inculcate the principles of right knowledge and right character in their students. In a discussion with Darshan, the founder of The Mutha School, we learnt exactly what it is that drives this school forward.

If you’re in the market for a school that will help shape your child while guiding them along the right educational path, The Mutha School may be just what you are looking for.

The Vision behind The Mutha School

The Mutha School has one simple vision: to constantly arouse curiosity in one’s surroundings. Learning is the key word here and we’re not talking academics. The Mutha School aims to recognize that each child is different and attempts to accommodate different needs and learning paces as advised by the teacher.

What kids can expect at The Mutha School

  • A stimulated and prepared learning environment
  • Child-centric approach which models beauty and simplicity
  • Carefully chosen materials and activities by qualified teachers
  • Use of minimalism in terms of stimulation and distraction
  • A small class environment to foster close interaction between teacher and child
  • Multi and mixed-age classroom that encourages learning through observation.
  • Emulation of older kids’ habits and class participation is highly encouraged.

What sets it apart

The teachers at The Mutha School are very different from the traditional role. Here, he/she is a guide who aims to establish trust with the children. They maintain the class environment keeping in mind the needs of the child. The teachers nurture curious children through a mix of activities and hands-on training. In short, if you enrol your child at the school it’s almost like a home away from home.

Experiential Learning at The Mutha School

Why parents should choose The Mutha School

The school actively encourages the growth of learning and discovery. Hands-on learning that will help them well into the primary and secondary years forms the core focus here.

The children are naturally integrated into the mainstream curriculum without effort, since the it is a K-12 school, and affiliated to the IGCSE Curriculum.

The Montessori method adopted enables critical thinking and formation of crucial neural pathways. What we love about The Mutha School is the way a child is encouraged to arrive at the answer himself instead of being given it directly.

Want to encourage a lifelong love for learning? This may be exactly the place for your children.

Reach out to The Mutha School today. Set up an appointment and visit the school yourself!

* This is a post written in collaboration with the brand. The opinion and facts, however, remain unbiased and stated as it were.

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