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About Nivesaa

Nivesaa is a dance, fitness and wellness studio. Nivesaa means “Investment” and the programs are based on the idea that one requires investing in the body, mind, and soul if one aspires to reach his/her true potential.

Dance for kids at Nivesaa is all about getting the posture, rhythm, sound, and coordination right. The kids are trained to channelise their creativity, curiosity, and energy in the right direction through yoga, Ballet, and contemporary dance.

Nivesaa follows a strict policy of no Bollywood music and is conscious of the lyrics of the song to which the children dance. In the quest for providing kids a safe and secure environment, they also follow a no male teacher policy.


Classes offered at Nivesaa

Dance Classes
✓ Ballet✓ Belly Dance✓ Bollywood✓ Contemporary✓ Freestyle✓ Jive✓ Salsa✓ Zumba
Age group
4 – 10 yrs

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