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Nisha Millet Parent Toddler Swimming Program

About Nisha Millet Parent Toddler Swimming Program

Nisha Millet Swimming Academy conducts a Toddler Parent Swim Program which lay emphasis on water familiarization and safety skills. They also cover important skills such as breath control, safe entry and exits into the water. Front and back floats and mobility in the water. It is mandatory that one parent has to be in the water with the child (swimming skills not necessary). The class is filled with popular nursery rhymes, colorful toys and fun activities to get toddlers comfortable in the water. This program is based on the AUSTSWIM guidelines which is followed in Australia.

Program Details

  • The class duration is 25 mins followed by a 5 minute briefing by our AUSTSWIM certified infant swimming teacher on what skills were focused on during the class.
  • Both parent and child must wear swimsuits
  • If the baby is not toilet trained a firm fitting swimming diaper is compulsory (either disposable swimming diaper or plastic reusable diaper) No regular diapers allowed.
  • Bring a hat and waterproof sunscreen as well for both you and the child as well as two towels
  • Please do not bring floats/arm bands.
  • Parent do not need to know how to swim but must be comfortable enough to walk in the water.
  • Try to make sure the child is not tired before class and do not feed baby just before a lesson

Classes offered at Nisha Millet Parent Toddler Swimming Program

Sports Coaching
✓ Swimming
Age group
1- 4 years
Separate batches for age groups: 1 to 2.5 yrs and 2.6 to 4 yrs
What kids learn
Toddlers are exposed to various movements, colors, words, counting & rhymes which help in intellectual and physical stimulation. Their hand eye & foot eye coordination and muscle tone improves. Depth and distance awareness and with this comes improved safety skills and decision making. This is a great opportunity to have skin to skin time bonding with the parent and lots of eye contact since both are at the same level in the water unlike on land. Socialising with other kids and parents and also learning how to share toys, play together etc. Water confidence building for both child and parent. Improved immunity and helps keep their lungs clear. Improved feel of the water which will help them ultimately learn how to swim.
Class size
A maximum of 10 participants per session
Batch timings

Classes are conducted on weekends. The session is for 30 minutes and conducted twice a week for 8 session.

30 minutes
Rs.4000/- (+ taxes) for each parent toddler couple
How to register
You can register online or contact them through email at info@nishamillet.com