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Naukuchiatal Explore Program by Inme – Summer Camp 2022 for Kids

Naukuchiatal Explore Program by Inme – Summer Camp 2022 for Kids

At the Naukuchiatal Explore Program by Inme enjoy the the serenity of a lake in a kayak. But don’t mistake the calm Naukuchiatal lake for an easy ride. Certainly not a piece of kayak (haha).

Then there’s a trek to the hills and a night out under the summer moonshine. Another day, clamber up a rope gym. A combo of terrains, skills and moods—serenity and thrill, land and water.

A one of a kind experience of open water kayaking. It’s a great way to learn proper technique, safety and coordination (it takes two to kayak). Deal with capsized kayaks, play kayak polo, rig a wind-sail on a windy day and other drills only possible on a lake. The ropes course is a fun way to learn coordination and the pushes and pulls of partnership. The only way is up! The backpack trek into the hills includes setting up camp at nightfall. Watch the Great Bear and Cassiopeia’s W shape rise over the tree line.

Spend the nights under the stars in spartan yet comfortable tents that are kitted out with camping mats and sleeping bags. Choose your tent mates—boys and girls separately, of course!

Activity combo planned

  • Kayaking
  • Ropes course
  • Back packing

Kids can also enjoy

  • Connect to nature: right by the lake
  • Calm waters: paddle harder
  • Trek & set up: 1 night-out camp
  • Immerse yourself: swimming in the lake

Program Itinerary

  • Day 1: Arrive at the campus by lunch. Settle in and set expectations with a brief orientation
  • Day 2:Learn about the equipment and some hydrology basics. Following a detailed safety briefing it’s time to kayak!
  • Day 3: Revise kayaking basics and kayak in the Naukuchiatal lake
  • Day 4: Time to hit the low ropes course after a safety briefing and introduction to the equipment
  • Day 5: Progress to the challenging high elements of the ropes course
  • Day 6: Trek and explore the beautiful valley. Pitch tents, set up a campsite and spend the night out
  • Day 7: Pack up, clear the makeshift campsite and trek back to the campus
  • Day 8:Concluding de-brief and reflection session before departing for New Delhi

More Details

  • Instructor to child ratio: 1:6
  • In each group: female instructors
  • Always prepared: doctor on campus
  • Trained instructor: wilderness first aid
  • On campus assistance: emergency vehicle

Bookings details

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