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Nandanavana Children’s Park, Jayanagar

About Nandanavana Children’s Park, Jayanagar

Nandanavana Children’s Park, Jayanagar, is one of the newest parks in town managed by the BBMP with 14 different pieces of play equipment. The centre of attraction is a light fountain in the centre of the park that comes on at 7:00 pm and looks like electric fireworks!

At the entrance they request children to remove their shoes either because they don’t want the equipment to be damaged or because they’re worried that children will slip if they climb on the equipment with flip flops and flimsy footwear. We recommend that you carry a pair of socks if you don’t want their feet to get too dirty and maybe also a bag to carry around their shoes so they don’t get misplaced.

To grab a bite or for an emergency bathroom break there’s a Café Coffee Day across the street.

✓ Sandpit✓ Light Fountain
Entry Fees
Rs.5/- per child only