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Music Camp at John’s Music Classes Summer 2022

Music Camp at John’s Music Classes Summer 2022

The Music Camp at John’s Music Classes for the Summer 2022 is set up to give your kids 3 fun-filled weeks of music learning and play, which will be followed by a student concert and a music video! At the music camp, children will learn: Western Vocals, Keyboard and Ukulele – each of which will allow them to explore and understand different aspects of the instrument and how it can be played. The special concert put up by the students at the end of each camp is sure to be extremely memorable and here, each student will even get a chance to be featured in a music video.


For further details or to register for the camp call +91-998625486. Registration for the music camp is deemed to be done once the full payment is made. Last date of registration is one day before each summer camp.