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Messy Play by BrainArt

About Messy Play by BrainArt

Messy Play by BrainArt is a sensory art workshop that consist of activities around art, physical & social development along with language and communication development. Let your toddlers and children learn and develop through play. Unstructured & exploratory, Messy Play sessions will be educational and fun; focusing on experimenting with different materials, paints and textures. Encouraging toddlers to make their own discoveries using their senses, curiosity and knowledge; in this workshop there will be no right or wrong, Messy Play is exploratory! The sessions will involve a range of messy, sensory activities for your little ones to enjoy and will cover a variety of themes which will be great for enhancing your child’s development.

Classes offered at Messy Play by BrainArt

Age group
1.8 to 4 yrs
What kids learn
Sensory art consists of specific art activities that relate to your child’s senses such as touch, sight, sound, smell and taste. These sessions will help in:
  • Physical Development: activities aim to encourage gross motor skills as well as developing their fine motor skills especially hand eye co-ordination.
  • Social Development: allowing children to build their confidence especially when it comes to new experience
  • Communication and Language Development: develop and enhance children’s vocabulary
Class size
5 - 6 per class
Student teacher ratio
Batch timings

Toddler Class: Saturday 11:00 am to 11:45 am

45 minutes
How to register
You can register online for the class or or call / whatsapp at +91-8088677853