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Merry Go Learn

About Merry Go Learn

Merry Go Learn was founded by alumni from IIT-Delhi and IIM-Calcutta. They focus on four pillars that they believe to be the core of an effective education:

  • Strong concepts in Science and Math: They cover the most difficult maths and science concepts in the curriculum through carefully designed modules that provide learning by doing experiments and designing projects, along with related problem solving
  • Knowledge and curiosity about the world around us: Students discover their interest in world around them through interesting modules covering topics from history, geography and current affairs.
  • Communication skills: Students get opportunities to build and refine their verbal and written English communication skills through several presentations, discussions and creative writing projects.
  • Self-Awareness: This module helps the child discover his/her personality, talent and skills and build values such as being social, civic and responsible citizens.

Workshops by Merry Go Learn

Age Group
4 to 13 years
What Kids Learn
They follow a completely fun, hands-on, activity based approach to strengthening core concepts for students from Grades UKG to Grade 8. They believe that traditional education must be supplemented with “learning by doing” for education to be truly effective. Thus, they are highly application-oriented where their well-qualified facilitators introduce and guide the students through interesting real-life problems and challenges related to the topic being taught. Such challenges, which are often time-bound and competitive, make it fun and exciting for the students.
✓ Communication✓ Enhanced Learning✓ Robotics✓ Science Activities
Workshop Size
10 to 15 kids
2 hours
Depends on the workshop selected, typically between Rs. 350/- to Rs.400/- per session
How to register
Registration for workshops can be done online through their website else walk-in to the centre.