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Maya Guitar Classes

About Maya Guitar Classes

Maya Guitar Classes for kids aged 5 years and above are conducted by ‘Raman’, a full time guitarist from Bangalore. Raman has worked closely with bollywood playback singers and does session studio recordings for local bands and artists. The specialty of Maya Guitar Club  is that in a particular batch there would be maximum of only 3 students where music is taught as a language where notes are the alphabets and music theory is the grammar.

The Beginner Course covers the basic topics like Major scale, Minor scale , Major chords, Minor chords, Seventh chords, Strumming exercises, Basic legato, Alternate picking, Rhythm measures and Diatonic system through familiar known songs.

In Intermediate course, concepts of Improvisation, Composition, Arrangement, Pentatonic scale, Modal playing, Harmonization and Advance guitar techniques like sweeping, tapping, harmonics, etc are covered.

Classes offered at Maya Guitar Classes

Music Classes
✓ Guitar
Age group
5 years +
What kids learn
The class begins with initial warm up for 10 minutes and then proceed with the topic for the day. Students get to learn major scale, minor scale, major chords, minor chords, seventh chords, strumming exercises, basic legato, alternate picking, rhythm measures and diatonic system through familiar known songs.
Class size
3 kids per batch
Student teacher ratio
Batch timings

8:00 am to 12:00 pm: Monday & Wednesday
9:00 am to 5:30 pm: Saturday & Sunday

1 - 2 hours

Students need to bring their guitar for the classes. The study and exercise material will be provided.

Beginners Level: Rs.2000/- Intermediate Level: Rs.2500/-
How to register
You can call the number provided to book the respective slots.