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Mastermind Summer IQ Workshops

Mastermind Summer IQ Workshops

Mastermind Summer IQ Workshops are conceptualised & designed by olympiad experts faculty hailing from India’s most premier Institutes like IIT,IIM & XLRI- the contents are just what ensure enriching learning experience to young minds.

The Mathsmastermind Instructors come from a tough selection criteria & are extensively trained for the methodology of moulding young minds in professional environment where sincerity and results are the top priority.

Curriculum Covered

  • Rapid Mental Mathematics including vedic Math, Tranchenberg System, Russian Paesant System
  • Math Lab for CBSE/ICSE/IGCSE Topics, IQ Enhancement Techniques and Skills-Brain Gym activities
  • Olympiad Cracking Techniques-Series & Model Methods
  • i-Mind Module for Sharper Memory and Retention
  • Fun Riddles and intelligent Puzzles