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Mad Scientist Summer Camp 2022 for Kids by Openhouse

Mad Scientist Summer Camp 2022

Mad Scientist Summer Camp is an 8 day exploration for the science, space and astronomy geeks. If your child has a fascination with any of the above, this is a perfect fit!

The journey covers aspects of understanding musical notes through mathematical equations, Robotics and building sessions where students make their own home lab, build their own projector, understand more about aerodynamics and create and design their own spaceships. There will be two masterclasses: one covering some of the most unique innovations around the world, and one session with a real life space expert to help students understand the innovations and advancements in this space currently. There will also be a field trip to a space/stargazing centre, where students will be taken through a special exploration journey.

Learning Outcome

Awareness of different aspects of space and science, along with a hands on experience of the world that lies beyond the Earth.


For any further details or to register for the camp request a call back from the Openhouse team.

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Workshop Schedule across Openhouse Branches

Openhouse Learning Hub, Whitefield
Age Group
10 yrs+
Batch 1: May 30 - Jun 9
10:00 am to 12:00 pm
Openhouse Learning Hub, Indiranagar
Age Group
10 yrs+
Batch 1: Jun 27 - Jul 7
10:00 am to 12:00 pm