School lunch box made easy with Lunch Aunty!

School lunch box made easy with Lunch Aunty! Cover Image

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Looking for a school lunch subscription for your child? Lunch Aunty seems to tick all the right boxes. Read this article to find out how they are making mealtime more and more Kiddo-Licious!

Are you a parent who is struggling with the 5:30 am alarms to cook and pack your kids’ school lunch box everyday? School lunches with Lunch Aunty is here to save you! Lunch Aunty is a school lunch box subscription for school children and daycares too. With Lunch Aunty, you are sure to catch a few more extra winks of sleep!

Your biggest worry is if your child is getting adequate nutrition. Lunch Aunty ensures that each meal is delicious and well-balanced, so your child looks forward to it!

Traditional yet modern

As much as we all love fancy, gourmet food, we truly believe that our desi khaana is nutritious, well-balanced and hits the spot! And that’s what we like about Lunch Aunty. It’s traditional, yet modern. Warm, homemade lunches are packed with love in sturdy steel boxes…just like the good old days! Each child gets a customised A+ grade steel lunch box and a dedicated bag too.

Lunch Box Subscription service by Lunch Aunty

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Lunch report card

It’s true! Lunch Aunty gives you a report card on your child’s eating habits. You’ll know exactly how much your child is eating, likes, dislikes and changes in eating patterns. This is some really valuable insight since their tastes seem to change every season!

I am absolutely delighted with the lunch service from Nihar Sampath and her team. Thanks to the interesting variety, the great taste and the nutritional balance in the daily lunch, as a mother my big worry is laid to rest. In fact, on some days when school schedules have been altered for unavoidable reasons like bandhs etc Nihar has still managed to make sure there is no dislocation.
Says – Hema Hattangady (Lunch Aunty Subscriber)

Variety is key

And this is the part that we all struggle with. “What should I pack for lunch today?” is enough to give you nightmares! Lunch Aunty has over 500 meal options on the menu, each of which include plenty of vegetables and fruits. They provide 100% pure vegetarian food and also have Jain meals available and plenty of other Indian and international cuisines. The menu is curated by Nihar Sampat (our very own Lunch Aunty) who is a full time working mother herself  and understands the importance of providing the healthiest meals for kids. She works along with a team of renowned chefs and industry experts with a stellar experience in traditional culinary arts. There’s even a Friday cheat meal (hey! We all need one! Or maybe two!!!).

Can the meals be customised?

Of course! The menu is created a month in advance keeping in mind the preferences of every child subscribed with them. Lunch Aunty communicates the same to the parents so they are aware of what is being served to the kids. Lunch Aunty will work with you to create a special customised menu just for your child in case of any food allergies and personal preferences too! Yes, just bury that alarm clock already!

Thank you for providing good lunch for us without fail. My favourite is the food that you send on Friday:)
Says Chamdramouli.R (Student of Grade 6)

Okay, are you ready to try Lizard Labs?

You can subscribe for a trial month and see how you like it. You can then opt to subscribe for a term (3 to 4 months), half year or full year. It’s so easy!

Lunch Aunty believes that healthy food choices can produce immediate benefits to the child’s well-being and even the school environment. Eating well can have a positive effect on the child’s physical and mental capabilities.

Interested to learn more? Give Lunch Aunty a call today on +91-9686401155 or send them an email:

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