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Little Feet Toddler’s Corner

About Little Feet Toddler’s Corner

Little Feet Toddler’s Corner provides socialisation for toddlers of 1-3 years. It’s a parent-kid programme, where parents /grandparents /caregivers meet in a relaxed environment. The activities include freeplay, rhyme time, fruit time and lots of fun time. Adults also benefit from this program-interact with other parents, share experiences while children learn through their play experiences. Through this program children develop sensory, social and communication skills.

During the session children get to play with toys, listen to the stories, play in the sandpit, sing rhymes and will incalculate habit of eating fruits in the fruit time.

Workshops by Little Feet Toddler’s Corner

Age Group
1 - 3 yrs
What Kids Learn
During the session kids learn rhymes, communicating with other kids, sharing and enjoy their free time. First one hour of free play includes playing with toys, sand pit, slides, activities like clay dough, puzzles, drawing, building blocks, dressing up and then fruit time followed by rhyme time.
✓ Parent-Toddler
Workshop Size
Maximum of 20 kids
1.5 hours
All play materials are provided during the session.
The child has to bring one fruit for the fruit time activity.
Rs. 250/- per session
Rs. 2000/- for 10 sessions
How to register
Call Nivedita at +91-9663649507 to register for the program

Classes offered at Little Feet Toddler’s Corner