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Little City Trails

About Little City Trails

Little City Trails is a unique coming together of Art, Craft & History for children. It builds in the participant a sense of inquiry, observation & expression. The programme has been carefully curated with attention to tangible holistic learning. Handbooks, DIY Kits and interesting reference material is created for each trail. Little City Trails works best for educational institutions who are looking for unique and engaging ways to create historical & language awareness among children.

Programmes offered

  • The Historical Bangalore Trail
  • The Colonial Bangalore Trail
  • The Gardens of Bangalore Trail

Skill Building

Historial Awareness

  • To analyze History using inquiry & hands – on learning.
  • Develop awareness on culture & heritage in different periods of historical relevance.
  • Understand varied architectural styles, construction techniques & features of monuments.
  • Develop sensitivity and identity to heritage.
  • Build cultural & historical narratives around monuments and their legacy.
  • Build a culture for seeking and learning through observation.

Language Skills

  • Use language effectively to express and communicate personal experiences & observations.
  • Express individual identity. Build narratives around heritage through language.
  • Build a culture of research & information gathering through varied methods.
  • Develop unique ways of presenting thoughts confidently.

Creative Skills

  • Build expression through art
  • Observe the world around through the lens of Art & Culture
  • Translate observation into creative representations – through Art & Language.
  • Develop creative connections between: history, language, art, observation & expression.

Classes offered at Little City Trails

Learning & Development
✓ Creativity✓ History and Culture
Age group
6 years +
What kids learn
Little City Trails with its unique format of walking, exploring history and creating through art, helps children understand urban existence better. It is also an effective means to building ownership and sensitivity for the city. Throughout the program children are encouraged to see themselves as a vital part of the larger organism called 'the city'. By studying the varied personalities assumed by the city through changing times and revisiting forgotten history, the participants will build balanced perspectives to development, surroundings, conservation and heritage.
Class size
Maximum of 8-15 children per batch
Batch timings

10:00 am to 12:30 pm

3 to 4 hours
A Little City Trail journal + Pencil are provided to each participant. The participants are encouraged to carry binoculars, magnifying glasses on specific trails. Participants can also carry colour pencils / crayons if the deem it necessary. Each participant will receive a unique curated kit at the end of the programme.
Rs.1200/- - Rs.1500/- per participant. The programme fee covers entry tickets to all locations. Activities are conducted on the second Saturday of every month.
How to register
To register for the programme mail them to confirm participation.