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Lippan Relief Mud & Mirror Workshop

Lippan Relief Mud & Mirror Workshop

The Lippan Relief Mud and Mirror Workshop is where children will explore Mud and Mirror Work which is also known as Lippan Kaam. It is a traditional mural craft of Kutch, Gujarat, India, which is about Lippan or mud-washing using materials locally available in the region like mixture of clay and camel dung that keeps the interiors of the houses cool. In this workshop your kids will learn to use different materials that can be used for making Lippan Kaam followed by moulding & pinching the dough for creating outlines and patterns.

Materials Required: Pencil, Eraser, MDF Board A4 size, Fevicryl Mould it or Air dry Clay, Small Decorative mirrors to enhance the work.


To register for the workshop write to buzzingbubsindia@gmail.com or call at +91-9945003337