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Learning Through Play

Learning Through Play

Do you believe that play can be a wonderful learning experience for your child? Research shows that play, due to its characteristics, can be an integral part of a child’s education and holistic development.

As believers in the power of play, Troy has put together a unique experience where children not only have fun playing, but also learn a lot about themselves and their surroundings, making the entire experience more meaningful. This experience has been designed to allow children to explore constructive, social, physical and ordered play where children experience curiosity, creativity, teamwork, resilience, social skills, emotional awareness and problem-solving.

About the Facilitators

The session will be curated and facilitated by professionals who are experts on play and play based learning. The facilitators bring with them years of experience and research on the impact of play on a child’s overall development. And with years of experience interacting with children, you can be assured that your children are in for a fun time.


For more details or to register for the session, please get in touch with Farah at +91-9901540581