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Learn to Swim & Aquatic Safety Swimmer Camp 2019

Learn to Swim and Aquatic Safety Swimmer Camp

Nettakallappa Aquatic Centre brings International Standard structured Learn to Swim & Aquatic Safety Swimmer Camp for children 4 yrs and above. AUSTSWIM, Australia recognised center with Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety certified instructors deliver swim lessons at the camp. A customised program is developed with Varanashi Swimming Academy which covers various aquatic skills and stroke mechanics in a progressive pathway. The center offers training from basic swimming to training till the Olympics! This holistic program covers not just swimming technique but also aquatic safety and drowning prevention.

Program Details

Level 1: The  child will be introduced to new aquatic environment with emphasis on water awareness, breath control, submerging, freestyle and backstroke kicking with a pod board, streamlining and deep water skills in a relaxed and fun environment

Level 2: Introduction to streamlining, freestyle kicking with and without a kick board (torpedo), freestyle arms and kicking, and backstroke kicking with a kickboard, inverted kick for survival backstroke, as well as an extension of deep water skills such as trading the water.

Level 3: This Level builds on Freestyle and Backstroke skills along with the introduction of Breast stroke Kicks. Also, chain swimming is introduced to encourage children to swim 10m distances.

Level 4: This is a transitional stage from baby pool to Deep pool. Also, diving skills will be introduced in this level.

Level 5: In this level children will be able to swim 25 meters in freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and 10-15 meters dolphin, also  able to perform advanced rescue technique


To register for the camp, contact the front office of NAC: +91-80-26393977 / +91-80-40976591 / +91-80-26250600