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Lalbagh Antwalk

Lalbagh Antwalk is ideally suited as a weekend morning outing for your family. The walk will introduce one of the well-known and seldom observed, smaller creature of our city. Participants will hear the stories behind them, their relationship to other creatures and the vital role they play in our environment.

This walk will help further develop interest in wildlife photography, travel writing, and nature sketching by teaching basic identification techniques and introducing participants to a wealth of information. The walk will be led by Sunil Kumar, the expert on Ants and co-author of the book “On a Trail with Ants“, who has years of experience in the field.

h3. Schedule

* Meet at 7:30 AM at the fountain, just inside Lalbagh West Gate, where participants are introduced to the world of Ants. After which, a walk is undertaken to catch the first-hand glimpse of these wonderful creatures.
* Participants amble around at leisure within the woodland habitat of the 240 acre Botanical Garden, covering as much distance as necessary in about 3 hours’ time, where they will get on their knees, pick them up and learn more about the Ants of the city. The walk will introduce many of the Ants that inhabit the city and help put a name to these wonderful creatures that live with us.
* At the end of the walk, participants are welcome to join us for an optional South Indian breakfast followed by hot cups of coffee/tea (not included in the cost of the walk) at a nearby restaurant outside the West Gate of the botanical garden.
* Smaller children, below 8 years of age and accompanied by a parent, will not be charged.
* Group discounts for more than 5 participants.

h3. The Team

The walk and talk are conducted by resource people with years of field experience. The walk will be led by Sunil Kumar, the resident expert on Ants and co-author of the book “On a Trail with Ants”. The book, costing Rs.1000, can be pre-ordered over phone and an author-signed copy collected during the walk.

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