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KydzAdda Summer Camp May 2019

KydzAdda Summer Camp May 2019

Summer holidays is the time that every kid looks forward to and wants it to be an enjoyable and a memorable experience. KydzAdda Summer Camp  May is packed with activities to foster creativity, imagination and help kids develop their senses through exploration. The best part of the camp at Kydzadda is also that they ensure their dose of physical play keeping them energized and entertained. Kids will learn to craft various kinds of unique items , fireless cooking, dance, stories and have lots of fun.

Please note that playtime at the play area included in the camp.

May Summer Camp activity list

  • For Ages 4 to 7 years: Watermelon Fridge Magnets, Travel Wallet, Embossed Greeting Cards, Coasters, Paper weight cum message holder, Notepad Holder, Design your own Photo-frame, Design your own Blackboard, Rustic Magnetic Frame, Name Plate, Dance, Fire Less Cooking, Tales & More
  • For 8 years+: Slime, Squishy Pencil, Reusable Calendar, Slime Notebook, Soap Making, Make your sketchbook, Rustic Photo with Twigs, Make your own File, Scrapbook, Make your own blackboard, Dance, Fire Less Cooking, Tales & More.


For more information & registration call on +91-7847888222