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Kuchh Bhi Kahani: Folktales from Congo

Kuchh Bhi Kahani: Folktales from Congo

A folktale, a song, a little dance, and loads of fun. You will be hunting for “kahaniyan” that have been loved for over many years now. The Arts in EducationĀ invites you for some more “kahaniyan” that have been loved for years and years and listening to them with a little bit of “nayapan” thrown in.

About the Organizers

‘The Arts In Education’ is a platform where teachers, students, and all education enthusiasts are invited to share their stories and best practices with regards to education and the arts. ‘The Arts In Education’ aims to seamlessly integrate the arts within the realm of education so children and facilitators alike may benefit and be inspired by the richness of the learning; not just for mere physical and emotional relaxation, but as a foundation for good education.