5 unique ways KLAY Prep Schools and DayCare moulds your children

5 unique ways KLAY Prep Schools and DayCare moulds your children Cover Image

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Is finding the right preschool for your toddler giving you sleepless nights? Perhaps, this preschool could be the answer to what you’re seeking.

This Aksharabyasam, gift your little ones the best start to their educational journey. Admissions are open at KLAY. Visit a centre today and enrol your child.

It’s that time of the year when parents start looking out for admissions in preschools for their little ones. They are now ready to spread their wings, learn and thrive. KLAY Prep Schools and DayCare is one of the schools that rises admirably to the challenge.

Hunting for the best pre schools is one of the toughest tasks parents face. The quest for a preschool that not only provides an enriching learning space but also recreates a home-like atmosphere-full of love, care and security-seems daunting. For parents who hold full-time jobs, there’s an added pressure to find a supportive day care facility.

KLAY Prep Schools and DayCare with its child-centric educational philosophy and a supportive child-care policy comes as a blessing.

What makes KLAY Prep Schools and DayCare a perfect choice?

1. The focus is on the child

KLAY focuses on providing the best possible care and learning facility for children between 0-10 years. They believe that care and education go hand-in-hand and to that extent, offer an extremely personalized environment for the child to grow and imbibe strong values. Children are allowed to learn at their individual pace while their distinguishing traits are nurtured and cherished.

2. An integrated learning program

Each child is unique with a distinct learning style. KLAY Prep Schools and DayCare’s award-winning program incorporates the multiple intelligences methodology making it suitable for every kind of child. Children are exposed to a variety of learning tools and are encouraged to learn as they explore, experience, and ask questions.

Children are developed holistically to become responsible and confident individuals; all this without compromising on the fun factor.

3. Teachers are more like guardians

The student-teacher ratio at KLAY starts from 1:3 which means that every child gets constant supervision and attention. The teachers undergo regular training on the best teaching practices and they are also evaluated on the level of empathy. KLAY understands the importance of love and care that a child needs and ensures that these are given in abundance to the children.

4. A home away from home

KLAY undertakes the responsibility of children as young as 6 months. It goes without saying that infants and toddlers are creatures of routine and need the same regimen and care that’s provided at home. KLAY recognizes this and works closely with parents to ensure that the same is replicated at the preschool and daycare during their absence.

Not just this, as your parenting partner, KLAY inculcates the same values that a parent would want to. For instance, children are taught the importance of health and hygiene. They are also encouraged to do age-appropriate chores to instill in them a sense of independence and responsibility.

5. Flexible daycare facility

Working parents, especially mothers, find it difficult to resume work after childbirth due to lack of good daycare facility that offers flexible care hours. KLAY steps in as a supportive child care centre. It truly believes that working parents should get the required child care support without having to feel guilty. Their emergency daycare facility, 24/7 parental helpline, webinars on parenting are testimonies to this vision.

It’s time to visit the school

Wouldn’t you like to check out all the facilities and experience the positive vibe yourself?

This year, at Klay Prep Schools and DayCare, the traditions of the North, South, East and West come together to celebrate Dussehra like never before! This is a great opportunity for interested parents to not just participate in the fun event along with their children but also size up the school.

Klay Dussehra Carnival


The KLAY Dussehra Dhamaka is one you definitely don’t want to miss!


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