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About Klay

Klay, believes that children’s minds in their formative years are like clay (their name is inspired by this) and need to be provided the right environment to flourish. The three important pillars in a young child’s life at this stage are the father, mother and the teachers. A child is learning largely from his/her immediate environment, an environment they feel safe and secure in.

KLAY provides exactly this – an environment where your child can be his/her own person, feels at home, is safe and secure and has enough avenues to explore. We have well trained teachers who provide a structure for your child to work in and are children with them to spur their curiosity.

You can be assured that your child would have the right learning environment, with ample learning resources and qualified teachers. We ensure that your little ones will be given proper attention and that they will imbibe new things by means of various innovative learning aids.Klay will help you in your journey of bringing up your little one by providing the right education, values and ideals, as your little one gets ready to step into the world!

Type of School
Playschool & Preschool
Curriculum Details

The KLAY Junior Toddler Program curriculum is based on experiential and social learning and helps your child learn in a fun filled space through different activities. Our teachers, trained in the concept of Multiple Intelligence are equipped to provide different activities to suit the differentiated learning needs of every individual child.

The activities are planned to promote growth in cognitive, literary, logical and social skills and help the toddler grow into an independent and confident individual and prepare for needs beyond pre-school.

The KLAY Pre-school program helps bridge the transition between the established elementary knowledge attained during the Infant and Toddler programs and advanced learning abilities. The Pre-K program focus is on building on the language ability, logical reasoning numeric ability and scientific thought. Children are divided into small differentiated groups based on learning abilities and the focus is on promoting focused and accelerated learning.

In all KLAY centers the learning ecosystem is divided into different learning zones. These zones provide experiences that focus on developing all the skills and preparing for future academic success and holistic growth.

Admission Details

Admissions are open throughout the year for the infant and toddler programs and towards the end of the year for other programs. To enquire and meet with an academic co-ordinator, please check here.

Classes & Cut-off Age
Class Age Group
Infants 6 months to 1 year
Early Toddler 12 months to 20 months
Toddler 18 months to 30 months
Nursery 2.6 to 3.6 years
LKG 3.6 to 4.6 years
UKG 4.6 to 5.6 years

Day care available. They also have corporate day-care tie-ups.

Safety Features

KLAY is extremely focused on child safety. All their classrooms are equipped with CCTV cameras. Parents are provided access to login and view their children real time. Their daily communication happens through diaries. Parents are also welcome to visit the center anytime.

School Van

Pick up and drop facility available. Kindly get in touch with the school for further details.

After School Facilities

At all KLAY centers they have a structured after school care program which is rich with activities, helping a child with holistic development. They strive towards providing a safe and healthy day care space for children apart from a quality learning structure in the after school care program.
For older children who go to a Big School, KLAY After School Care program provides a fun filled, safe environment with indoor and outdoor activities, where he or she can continue to explore, learn & build close friendships. The program is rich in extracurricular activities and touch all aspects including the physical and emotional well being of the child.
Some of the activities are:

  • Home work Support
  • Language Classes (French, German)
  • Abacus
  • Waterford Literacy Program
  • Martial Arts (Karate and Taekwondo)
  • Dance Classes
  • Music Workshops
  • Arts workshops
  • Summer camps