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About Katharangam

Katharangam is an initiative started by storyteller Shreya Biswas aimed at reviving the age old tradition of storytelling. The best way to learn is through stories as they make us think and imagine, stirring up our emotions. Katharangam spreads the magic of stories amongst young and old alike and also reaches out to special kids and under privileged children helping them to learn and bringing joy to their lives.

Workshops by Katharangam

Age Group
4 yrs +
What Kids Learn
Stories come alive in telling, establishing an instant connection between the storyteller and the audience.Stories can also help to heal, brings peace and joy and has the power to change lives. Listening to stories develops concentration and listening skills, builds vocabulary and enhances the power of imagination, promotes reading habits .
✓ Storytelling
Workshop Size
15 - 20 kids with parents
1 hour
Depends and varies according to the event or workshop
How to register
To register for the workshop you can send them an email or give them a call.