KARVE preschool uses a brilliant strategy to understand its children

KARVE preschool uses a brilliant strategy to understand its children Cover Image

KARVE preschool in Electronic City uses these clever ways to understand their kids’ strengths and areas of improvement.

On a windy morning in July, I walked into ‘KARVE Preschool’ in Electronic City and was greeted by children celebrating ‘Yellow’ Day. In a truly unique approach to learning, the teachers were paying homage to the colour in full swing, with Director Swati Morzaria Prabhu greeting each child individually and whooping in delight when seeing a child dressed in a yellow, flowing party frock.

KARVE is an acronym of Knowledge, Aurobindo, Rabindranath, Vivekananda and Education. The preschool combines the best of the philosophies of the three educationists, and provides an education that not only provides cutting edge technical preschool support but also builds character and produces a complete little human being.

Located in Electronic City with surrounding garden spaces, KARVE has such enthusiastic teachers that it is infectious. They marvel aloud at how despite living in apartment complexes with amazing facilities, children still prefer open spaces, a homely preschool experience and puddles to jump into.

The curriculum at KARVE combines methodologies like Multiple Intelligence, Play Way and Montessori, each fitted into the curriculum with a specific aim and purpose.

Here is how KARVE uses its brilliant MAAP curriculum as a strategy to bridge the little gaps in a child’s learning graph.

Free play and emotional understanding

I got a glimpse of the team’s remarkable insight into their children when they told me about their puppet shows. When they staged a puppet show of Little Red Riding Hood, some children were scared of the wolf but they acquainted those kids with the puppet of the wolf and they soon became comfortable with it. I thought this was a unique way of filling in a few emotional blanks for the children, that extra boost that makes all the good work worthwhile and makes the learning space inclusive.


KARVE’s emphasis on free play is especially powerful. The preschool encourages children to play in order to understand them emotionally, essential in problem solving the child’s early life. “Children do not always express feelings and thoughts unless encouraged and given freedom to do so. So through free play, we find out what has influenced them and get a peek into their emotional environment. We then talk to parents and work on a few adjustments at school and home that make all the difference,” says a teacher.

A complete picture

KARVE & MAAP curriculum emphasizes on Motor Skills, Academics, Arts and Personality, a unique blend that strives to understand the full spectrum of a child’s mind. One child may have more felicity for art than academics and this is perfectly natural but the speciality of the MAAP curriculum is to find a balance.

“Some children with early exposure to technology learn a lot. Too much time with the gadgets reduces social skills. This is becoming a huge concern. No social interaction and motor activities limit all round development. In these cases we need to work on the basic requirement – getting children to listen and communicate” says a teacher from team KARVE.


How do they do this? For the first one hour, the teachers give these children all the material that they enjoy working with and then, for an hour, they sit with a teacher who works with them one-on-one to get them to interact, speak and communicate. “Instead of making sure children are only learning numbers and the alphabet, we want to focus on their listening and communication skills,” says the teacher.


Swati Morzaria Prabhu says “We observe a child’s performance in every department, not just academics. By the end of UKG, a child should have a holistic MAAP. No child can have a 100% MAAP but it should not be too little in one department or too much in the other, at least until grade 3 or 4, when we start getting a better idea of where a child’s interests lie. Until then, we need to expose them to different areas.”

Teachers are thinkers

Instead of choosing teachers who have years of experience, team KARVE looks at teachers with less years of experience who can imbibe their customized methodology. “Sometimes, a teacher with a lot of experience cannot be open to change in teaching style” says Swati Prabhu. “I look for people who can change their approach and use fresh ways to facilitate. We train our teachers for all age groups, not just Nursery or UKG.

The curriculum is all-encompassing, spanning everything from academics, art and personality development to public speaking, environment and waste management; so teachers are trained to work with children in all areas.

Parent-child relationship

KARVE allows its parents to be with their children during the first few weeks of preschool life or even to experience the child’s journey in the classroom. They even had a grandmother who was with her grandchild for an entire month. The reason? Everything is done to make the child comfortable and parents can also see what the teachers do with the curriculum and how their child is taken care of.


A preschool gives us a peek into a child’s infinite capacity. These are important years for academic, emotional and physical development. With its mixed age group approach, inclusive class room, responsive curriculum and multifaceted learning approach, KARVE helps children make crucial connections in their preschool experiences.

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