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Joyful Learning with LEGO

Joyful Learning with Lego

Chaman Bhartiya School in association with LEGO is conducting Joyful Learning with LEGO workshop for kids 3 to 6 years of age, that will let them think beyond the regular and come up with something wonderful. At this workshop, your kid will get the benefit of developing critical thinking and creativity through fun and play – qualities that are very important for the growing child. When you find joy while learning things, that’s when your learning counts all the more, and that is what this workshop will be all about!

About Chaman Bhartiya School

Chaman Bhartiya is a first-of-its-kind K 12 school in Bengaluru with an integrated ICSC and IB curriculum. The school believes that all children have the potential to be leaders given the right environment, tools, and support. The school follows We Lead Pedagogy which focuses on personalized learning, project-based learning and play-based learning using technology and interactive activities. Chaman Bhartiya School is a member of the Global Schools’ Alliance and has partnered with Lego, XLR8, and Apple to enable the school to be a place of collaborative work and growth.


To register for the workshop, call at +91-80-67423399 send an email to admissions@chamanbhartiyaschool.com