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Jadugar Karan Magic Show

Jadugar Karan Magic Show by a true professional to the core, Karan has managed to get a very positive response to the illusions he creates for the audience and better still invites them to be a part of the show. During the month-long show get to see some stunning tricks from this super fast magician. A huge hit with children and adults alike, the illusions he plans to dazzle the audience with are :

  •  First time in India under Water Escape
  •  Money Rain
  •  Man passing through Mirror
  •  Syonara Mystery
  •  Car Vanishing
  • Statue of Liberty Disappears in Slow Motion
  •  Man chopped to 8 pieces
  • Paper stick Levitation of Pranayama
  •  Man to Lady & Lady to Man
  •  Floating Lady
  •  Houdini Illusion Box
  •  The Game of Death
  •  Burning Lady
  •  Movie to Live
  •  Candle Levitation
  •  Man through Man (Spiderman)
  •  Geometrical Box
  • Man Passing through Fan
  •  HongKong Mystery
  •  Wall of China

So Hurry! Come and be a part of this illusion based extravaganza.

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