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J P Park, Mathikere

About J P Park, Mathikere

J P Park, Mathikere, large park with the play area divided into 3 sections and has a variety of equipment for all to play. A small rock garden, with steps and seating areas made of broken glass pieces is a noteworthy attraction of JP Park. The large pond with fish, which come near the shore to gobble up food thrown by the visitors, is yet another thing to experience.

This park has a nice and wide walking trail, where you can find many visitors running and jogging. Many elders also walk at a leisurely pace, soaking in the abundant greenery all around. Close to the entrance of this park are big statues of animals and humans, which serve as the ideal backdrop for many a photo taken by the visitors.

The musical fountain which is open on weekends is the focal point of this park. Be ready to wait in a long queue though. One of you can volunteer to stand in the queue while the rest head to make a round of the park. There are two shows – one at 7.00 pm and another at 7.45 pm, each is 30 minutes long. Mostly local songs with peppy beats are played with a rare Hindi or English number. Be sure to grab a good seat in the higher rows to enjoy the show to the fullest and click good pictures/videos.

✓ Sandpit✓ Lakeside✓ Fountain✓ Canteen✓ Public Toilet✓ Gym