15+ International School Summer Camps 2019

15+ International School Summer Camps 2019 Cover Image

Do your kids attend an international school? These Summer camps are designed keeping in mind kids who begin their vacations in June. Don’t wait. Enrol now!

Summer camps, the international edition, is out now, dear parents! While the rest of the country settles into school and the routine of classes, those kids in the IB and Cambridge curriculum schools have just started their vacations. So, here we present a set of International school summer camps just for them.

*Disclaimer: BuzzingBubs would like to inform parents that these are summer camps we are recommending based on the businesses listed with us. We do not help with procuring registration slots for any of the camps here nor are we personally affiliated with any of the organisers who have listed their camps. We do not conduct any summer camps of our own. Please reach out to the respective camps for details on enrolment, available slots and registration details, if any.

The Spinning Wheel Summer Workshops Cover Image

1 The Spinning Wheel Summer Workshops

The Spinning Wheel is an eclectic art studio where creativity has no boundaries. You know what you'd love the most about the workshops at The Spinning Wheel, apart from the sheer variety...you can walk in ANY day and start your workshops! It's true!

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GenWise Summer Experience Cover Image

2 GenWise Summer Experience

GenWise Summer School for Versatilists is a program that allows children to engage with world-class mentors and exposed to STEM/Humanities curriculum. The program is facilitated by mentors from the best universities and companies from across the world. They encourage children to think on their own and experience new insights. They cover a wide range of topics and allow children to dive deep into their areas of interest.

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Father and Child Naturalist Camp 2019 Cover Image

3 Dads, go camping with your kids!

Father's Day might be over but who said celebrations must end. This camp is a perfect chance for all dads to spend some quality time with their kids in the lap of Nature. Hurry, register soon!

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Phirki – Summer Camp 2019 Cover Image

4 Phirki – Summer Camp 2019

This one-of-a-kind workshop spread over 5 days brings together the who's who from the storytelling, dance, theatre, craft, photography and cooking worlds. Children will be guided by professionals even as they have fun! Trust us on this!

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Western Vocals Summer Camp Cover Image

5 Western Vocals Summer Camp

This summer John's Music Classes will be holding Western Vocals Summer Camp where children will be taught core techniques of singing western vocals by John Daniel. Each child will be featured in a music video after recording their voice in a studio. There will be a small concert for parents at the end of the 3-week summer camp!

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RnRFit Gymnastics Development Summer Camp 2019 Cover Image

6 RnRFit Gymnastics Development Summer Camp 2019

Enrol your kids for at RnRFit Gymnastics Development Summer Camp 2019. A 10 day training for an Ultimate Gymnastics Camp experience enhancing physical development, emphasising safety and success while having fun.

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Stonehill Summer Camp 2019 Cover Image

7 Stonehill Summer Camp 2019

The Stonehill Summer Camp Programme is an interesting blend of indoor and outdoor activities! Learn new skills and make new friends through this program that promises to be challenging, educational and fun. From swimming, football, equestrian and archery to coding, visual arts and Zumba, there's plenty of fun things to do!

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Aspiring Young Chef – With Chef Parminder Brar Cover Image

8 Aspiring Young Chef – With Chef Parminder Brar

Learn how to cook from the experts! Chef Parminder Brar will be teaching you how to whip up some delicious and healthy treats. Learn all about baking, grilling, desserts, tarts and pies at this hands-on workshop!

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PDCSE Multisport Summer Camp 2019 Cover Image

9 PDCSE Multisport Summer Camp 2019

Run, kick, throw, jump! This multi sport summer camp at the Padukone-Dravid Centre for Sports Excellence will expose your child to multiple sports during their holidays.

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Young Wildlife Photographer Camp 2019 – Kabini Cover Image

10 Young Wildlife Photographer Camp 2019 – Kabini

Attention budding photographers! Here's a camp that will enrich your passion. Spot and capture the big wild cats, rare birds and other species in the natural reserves of Nagarhole in the best camera angles with the efficient and capable team of The Outback Experience. Batches in April and May. Also, check out the parent-child camps and the photography workshop at Bannerghatta by The Outback.

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Blue Ribbon Robotics & Theatre Summer Camps Cover Image

11 Blue Ribbon Robotics & Theatre Summer Camps

Blue Ribbon Robotics & Theatre Summer Camps in Indiranagar will introduce kids to basic to robotics and introduce them to coding as well. First Drop will be conducting the theatre workshop to help children in personality development as well as confidence building.

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Globetrippers Summer Camp 2019 Cover Image

12 Travel to different countries without leaving the room!

The famous Globetrippers camp will simulate travel to different countries with fun-filled games, crafts, audiovisuals, music & demonstration.

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Dolphin Aquatics Swimming Summer Camp 2019 Cover Image

13 Dolphin Aquatics Swimming Summer Camp 2019

Dolphin Aquatics Swimming Summer Camp 2019 ensures swimming lessons from the basics to a higher level in training under the watchful eye of trained coaches and lifeguards who promise safe swimming. A core team of trainers and varied timings suited for children and adults truly make this an ideal summer activity.

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The Contemporary Art Program Cover Image

14 The Contemporary Art Program

The Contemporary Art Workshop is a 5 day workshop to introduce children to contemporary visual art through multi-media presentations. Children will get to interact and observe artists’ work processes from all over the world. This workshop is perfect for children who express themselves through art.

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Sholai Summer Camp Cover Image

15 Sholai Summer Camp

Sholai Summer Camp is an immersive learning experience in the lap of nature, providing participants with the opportunity to explore what it means to live a conscious and sustainable life, exploring these topics in a serene and beautiful valley. Participants will be engaged in Treks, Camping, Swimming, Farming, Carpentry and Outdoor Games.

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Dribbling Panda Summer Springs 2019 Cover Image

16 Dribbling Panda Summer Springs 2019

Dribbling Panda Summer Springs Camp is back and this time with the magic memories of some classic toons from your growing years to your children! The kids will accompany these toons to meet their own creative best and the joy of being themselves! They will explore the beauty of bonding, the energy of laughter & fun, strength of expressing freely, experience the inspiring styles through various fun activities.

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ZugZwang Summer Camp Cover Image

17 ZugZwang Summer Camp

ZugZwang Academy is back with its 7th edition of summer camps for IB and IG students! In this brain gym camp, learn robotics, coding, cubing, chess, math and more! Develop your critical thinking, logical reasoning and problem solving skills.

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Rainforest Exploration & Wildlife Camp Cover Image

18 Rainforest Exploration Camp

Rainforest Exploration Camp is specially crafted three-day camp is a perfect opportunity for avid young naturalists and wildlife enthusiasts to explore the rain forest of the Western Ghats like never before. Your child will get to learn about macro photography, herpetology, go on a stream walk, see cool wildlife and have an amazing time.

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Changemakers Summer Camp 2019 Cover Image

19 Changemakers Summer Camp 2019

Each child has the power to dream. Dreams that can lead to powerful ideas and disrupt the status quo. Unleash your child’s potential to Dream Big, Create, Innovate and become a Changemaker! Let them explore, build, imagine, learn new skills while they have a fantastic time with new friends at the Changemakers Summer Camp 2019 at Design Barn.

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