30+ Indoor activities for kids on a rainy day

30+ Indoor activities for kids on a rainy day Cover Image

Being cooped up with energetic kids indoors on rainy days can put a strain on the nerves. These 30 activity ideas will help you tide over days when the outdoors is off limits.

The rains are finally here marking the end of the scorching heat Bangalore was subject to this summer. But this also means having to keep your child occupied indoors. With our list of creative and fun indoor activities for kids, you’ll have more than your share of merriment.

1. Indulge in seashell craft with these fun DIY ideas

If you have a large collection of seashells from your recent holiday to the beach, here is a wonderful way to use your loot. Indulge in seashell craft with these fun, simple and innovative DIY ideas. Make your own seashell animal buddies and flaunt them at home or school.

2. Bake away the blues


Continuous rains can cast a gloomy air, but don’t let that bother you. It’s a perfect occasion to whip up some bakes and cakes. The fun’s doubled when the child joins you in creating the goodies. Let this inspire you.

3. Walk the ramp


Now, we all know how much little kids longingly eye their mum’s colourful wear and accessories. Now is the time to let them access some of your prized possessions (under your supervision, of course!), put on some music and set up a mock fashion show. Join in the fun as a judge and sneak in some general knowledge questions too!

4. Read-a-thon


Rain pattering outside the window, a warm beverage, and a pile of favourite books around, these are some of our favourite things. Does it sound perfect for you and your child too? Well, you don’t need any other inspiration. Just cuddle up and read together.

5. Let them become one with toys


If you’ve ever silently observed your child engrossed on his/her own play with toys, you’d know that they do not differentiate between their own person and the said toy. The role-plays and keen involvement builds their creativity and thought-process in more ways than we can imagine. Let them loose with Toys/games like these, nudge or guide them occasionally, and watch them build and invent their own exciting world.

6. “Simon says”


Close your eyes and keep your lips from moving. We can almost hear you say, “Ha! Who are you kidding, does this ever work?” Trust us, when in the garb of a play, there’s always a good chance! Play along and drown yourself in their peals of excited laughter this simple game would generate.

7. Play Uno


Remember this engaging card game? The childish fun of dealing the right card at the opportune time, of watching your opponents struggle to finish off and, when the tables are turned, being the good sport. A lot of sportsmanship can be taught by being a good player around kids, don’t you think?

8. Build your own band!


Bring out your musical prowess and create a rock band, making musical instruments out of household stuff. Oh my, we can imagine all the fun (and the noise!). But, please make sure you don’t disturb your neighbours if you live in an apartment.

9. Pop some corn and grab a movie

Pop some corn and grab a movie

What better time than on rainy evenings to relive the nostalgia or create a memory for your child to cherish? Bring out the animated films and curl up with your child on the couch with popcorn. Can it get any better than this?

10. Write a letter


Remember the good old letters that came by post, the one written with a pen and paper? Yes, help the kid write such a letter to his/her most favourite person. It could be the grandparents, aunt, a dear friend, anyone. Make it fun by using colours to decorate the edges of the paper or the envelope and have a fun outing to the post office to post it. Here’s a simple DIY on how to make your very own letter box

11. Statue!


Bring a twist to the old game, add some music, get the kid(s) to make funny dance poses and say freeze! Boy, it will be such a laugh riot, this one. Don’t forget to take pictures.

12. Burst the bubble wrap!


Now, now, don’t fight over who’s going to pop those bubbles. You can have more fun with bubble wraps and some colours. And, the best thing is it’s totally not messy. Your toddler will have super fun doing this. Mess free bubble wrap painting

13. Make Maths fun


If you could make Math a game and also have kids enthused to play it over and over, we’re sure you’d be over the moon. Who said Math is tough or boring when you have apps like “Playablo“? This android app currently designed for grades 3 to 5 presents Math problems in a fun and interactive way much like a game. The parental control offered keeps an eye on the child’s screen activity.

14. Balloons


Get those leftover balloons from the last birthday party and blow them all up. Toss, play, kick around with them and go crazy, just for fun!

15. Play Jenga or Dominoes


Jenga, a game of concentration and fun, can keep your child occupied for hours. Have Dominoes? Line them all up and watch them fall in a chain reaction!

16. Tie n Dye

Did you know you could make colourful butterflies out of baby wipes that have been tied and dyed? It’s incredibly simple and does not come with the mess we normally associate art and craft projects with.

17. Make a smiley sun


When it shines, we want the rains and when it pours, we want our dear Sun back. Human nature is baffling, to say the least! If you’re feeling gloomy, just make your own sun and hang it on the door of your child’s room. Making it is so easy-peasy!

18. Lego love


You love Lego blocks (more than the child, maybe) don’t you? Now, don’t feel shy. Partner with your creative child and go right ahead in building your own house, fire station or Lego city.

19. Home-science

So, you have a budding scientist in your house who tests your nerves by the constant questions and display of curiosity. It’s time to fuel this with some home-made experiments and teach your kid certain concepts in a fun manner. Watch this video for some inspiration.

20. Play I Spy


A simple game but an amazing and fun way to keep kids engaged. As they learn the tricks of the game, you’d be amazed to learn how well they notice and pay attention to details.

21. Make puppets and play a game


Children love role playing and puppets give them the perfect opportunity to get creative. Even better when you can make these at home. It’s very simple and you can introduce several trivia related to your child’s interest through play.

22. When Origami calls


It’s addictive! There’s no cutting and scattering of bits of paper all over. The paper is folded magically over and over to make amazing creations; from a rabbit to a whale; to whatever your child fancies. Youtube has some lovely “how-to” videos.

23. Build a fortress


Stack up the pillows to make walls and a roof, cover with sheets to create a tent-like entry, a formidable fortress for your child and his/her friends (read soft toys) is ready! Ask your child to invite them all for a warm cuddle, shielding them from the fierce rains and cool winds.

24. Fun with shaving cream

Have you played with shaving cream? Trust us, it’s great fun! Some cream, some glue and lots of different colours can be blended into making cool paintings or even unique moulds. A great sensorial activity for younger kids too. This video tells you how simple things put together at home can create beautiful creations. Kids will be delighted to discover these new techniques and will be happily occupied for hours.

25. Crossword/Scrabble/Monopoly


Bring out these time immortal board games on a rainy evening and have fun as you play these as a family. A great way to bond, we’d say!

26. Play dough


Parents of toddlers cannot escape buying this kit at some point in time. It’s colourful, safe, and an absolute delight in kids’ hands. Get innovative and try making unique creations out of play dough.

27. Grab a granola bar


Rainy evenings call for some binge eating. Along with some fried fries, let’s make something that is healthy and gives instant energy. How about a granola bar? This recipe is super easy. We’ve tried making it with fewer and readily available ingredients at home and it has tasted super yummy!

28. Paint with Nature


The next time you stroll in the park or garden with your kids, don’t rush. Spend some time looking for uniquely shaped leaves or twigs. You’ll be amazed at what these can be transformed into. Rainy day activity calls for some savings.

29. Crack open your activity boxes


Activity boxes are a boon for some indoor action. Our article here covers all that you need to know; from options like Fintobox to Purple Bee, there are boxes for all kinds and age groups. So, if you’ve not invested in one, we’d suggest you do so at the earliest!

30. Cook a meal together


It’s fun to include the child in cooking. In fact, it teaches a lot more than just the simple art of cooking. When the weather’s wet and the tummy calls for some warm nourishment, pull up your sleeves and get into the act together. You can find some ideas here and here.

31. Get all artsy-craftsy


Pull out the marble papers or even the colourful pamphlets that come with the daily newspaper, scissors, paints, and some glue. Let a few snips  here and a splash of colour there throw up some colourful puppets, magnets, or whatever your child imagines. You can look for some ideas here

32. Try these easy smoothie recipes at home

Smoothies Recipe for Kids

Smoothies just take a couple of minutes to assemble. Quick, easy and so very delicious and satisfying! Try these easy smoothie recipes at home with your kids and enjoy the burst of fresh flavours! 

Now, won’t you agree we’ve a full-house of creative ideas here to help you tide over rainy days? We’d be thrilled to add in your suggestions and ideas to this list. Let the comments pour!

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