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Indigrow Kids

About Indigrow Kids

Indigrow Kids creates delightful, contemporary, Indian themed books and games for children aged 0 to 7 years. The products are designed to spark creativity and imagination, to encourage conversations and to break mindsets and visually stimulate while taking you on a journey through India.

The first collection, the A to Z of India, has a range of charming characters and illustrations that bring to life the diversity in food, people and culture across the length and breadth of India. The collection has been specifically designed to help your child grow with India.

Product Details

  • The On the Go Flash Cards have lovely pictures of India which help little ones learn words and absorb pictures even before they turn one. The images are designed to be simple, yet vibrant on purpose. Recommended for ages 0-2 years.
  • The Alphabet Story Book has a story on every page – it reinforces the pictures and words, sparking imagination, curiosity and conversation.
  • The Memory Match Up Game develops important skills like sorting, matching and stacking. It’s a fabulous addition to all family game nights. Great for all ages.
  • The Giant Floor Puzzle improves logic and spatial skills but more importantly encourages patience, quiet time and a sense of achievement. Best suited for 3+ years.
Age Group
0 - 7 yrs

Indigrow Kids as return gifts

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All Indigrow products make unique and delightful gifts. A 15% discount is applicable on a minimum order of 10 products.
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Customers can check the product price details on their website.
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Can be made available on request.

Delivery & Payment

How to place an order

Customers can buy the the products globally. Orders can be placed directly through the website www.indigrowkids.com

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Products will be delivered within 10 days.