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Indian Music Experience

About Indian Music Experience

Where there is nature, there is music! A birthday party at the Indian Music Experience (IME) Sound Garden promises to be very different, interesting and experiential. For a musical themed birthday party, the Sound Garden of IME has 10 musical installations made by Swaram (Pondicherry). Three activities are stringed with the musical installations made up of natural elements. A range of activities can be organised like ice breakers, treasure hunt around the sound garden installations, DIY musical instruments and high action games. Sitting arrangements, decoration and food can also be organised. The venue is a great place to host a unique birthday party for your child.

Indian Music Experience as a Party Venue

Can accommodate upto 40 people
Type of Venue
✓ Indoor✓ Outdoor

Basic Charges

  • Children can celebrate a musical themed birthday party at IME. The sound garden can be booked and the kids can enjoy the beautiful installations there.
  • The cost to book the space is Rs.10000/- + GST along with fun games and a tour of the sound garden.
  • Food is organised by the Cafe at IME. Different packages are available depending on the requirements. The cost may vary from Rs.200/- to Rs.600/-
  • The birthday party activities are stringed with the chosen theme. Activities range from ice breakers to treasure hunt around the sound garden installations to DIY musical instruments to fun high action games.
  • Decorations, Cake and Return Gift need to be organised by the host.
  • Chairs, tables & food counters will be provided by IME.
Minimum requirement for bookings

Minimum of 20 guests required to book the place.

Time slots for parties
11:00 am to 5:00 pm
Party duration
3 hours

Simple decoration can be organised by the people hosting the party.


Food is available and can be organised at the Cafe at IME. Outside catering is not allowed.