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IME Music Discovery Summer Camp 2019

IME Music Discovery Summer Camp

Make your child’s summers musical and couple it with lots of learning and fun! The Indian Music Experience is conducting a Music Discovery Summer Camp for kids. This 5 day camp has different activity for each day and aims at making your children learn cool music skills from all genre of music.

Camp activities

  • May 13: Instrument Making
    Technicians from Svaram Sound Experience will help the students make an instrument out of  bamboo which they can carry back home.
  • May 14: Konnakkol and beatboxing
    Konnakkol is an ancient art form and is the percussion language of south India. Beatboxing is the art of producing percussion sounds in western pop music.
  • May 15: Music And Technology
    In this session, you will learn the basics and some advanced features of using Garage Band (a music software) and you will get to participate in a jam session!
  • May 16: Fun with swaras and chords
    In this Session you will get to make cool patterns and combinations of swaras (notes) that are the building blocks of music, and get insights into music composition using the keyboard.
  • May 17: Explore the museum
    The IME team will take you on a tour of India’s first music museum, and you will play a game  involving a treasure hunt and clues, all the while learning more about the music of various genres. The session will end with a fun drum jam!

So, Register for this Camp and prepare to be inspired and Blown away!