How ‘Evolvingminds’ nurtures kids to be future ready

How ‘Evolvingminds’ nurtures kids to be future ready Cover Image

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Worried about how your child can choose a career path with a limited and rather narrow knowledge of key subjects like Science and Math? Here’s a parallel program that offers an opportunity to expand your child’s interest and horizons beyond school.

Picture this: a curious child unscrews a toy car, spends hours examining the parts and then tries to put them back together. Another child pulls out the pots and pans, mixes unlikely ingredients and imagines cooking a tasty dish or an otherwise hyperactive kid spends hours mixing different colours together to revel in the end results. Such scenes are not an uncommon sight.

There’s a natural, inherent curiosity present in almost all kids. With a superlative power to re-imagine, they can turn a chess board into a historical battleground or give a creative twist to age old fables. They love to question, do not fear failure, and experiment with newer concepts until they grasp them.

Unfortunately, there’s a constant feed from the social environment that steers them towards a specific career goal. Depending upon an early interest or aptitude, kids are branded into a future engineer, master chef or an artist. The external feed works on a subconscious level leaving other potential paths untapped.

Also, ever wondered why most kids lose their keenness to explore and ask questions as they advance in age? Curiosity and creativity, the backbones of innovation and invention are lost in the pressure of exams. The fixed scope of the subject matter at hand takes the fun away from learning. Every child thinks differently and can bring out a unique factor to a given set of problems provided he/she is allowed to tinker around without a specific framework of instructions and guidelines.

Plus, the macro concepts are taught in a largely obscure manner especially in the schooling years, posing as a disadvantage to students who have no idea how the subject can be applied in the working industry. Any wonder that we have scores passing out as engineers only to realize at their work desk that this is not what they were cut out for?

What if you could have a parallel program for children outside of school where they are allowed to experiment, create and discover their interests without the pressure of performance?

The Foundation program of Evolvingminds

A future-driven education and research organization, Evolvingminds offers a Foundation program that presents the macro concepts in smaller and interesting chunks through hands-on experiments, teamwork, videos, presentations and mentoring. Students are encouraged to ask questions, experiment and steered towards solutions by self-discovery.

When young minds are trained with this kind of methodology, they not only develop strong reasoning skills but also become self-confident, adept at communication and team building. The concepts while not aligned to a school curriculum are approached with a wider scope in mind and each year of the program takes the students further in their understanding of major subjects like Science and Math.


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if a student could get a glimpse of the actual scope of his favourite subject before it’s too late to re-think other options? An aspiring biologist should be able to understand the nitty-gritty as early as in grade eight. Instead of approaching Math chapters individually, students should be trained to see the larger picture and understand how, for instance, probability has a wider application than the one taught to them at the school level.

The Summer Camp Program


Interested in the foundation program but want to know more? Then the summer camp program is a great way to get a sneak peek. The camp challenges the acumen of little kids by giving them complete creative freedom. It allows kids to come up with their own approaches to conducting an experiment. The concepts are tailored around fun activities and presented to curious minds in an intriguing manner.

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Not just students, Evolvingminds work with parents too. They help us understand our child’s interests better. Indeed, the parents and caregivers play a greater role in shaping a child’s confidence and aptitude. We need to be attuned to the child’s varying interests and let them explore different options before boxing them into career-driven paths very early in life.

This is a post in collaboration with the brand. The information and opinions are unbiased and stated as it were.

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