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How Cow Now Cow

How Cow Now Cow

How Cow Now Cow, which premiered in 2015, has completed over 110 shows in schools, bookstores, homes, alternative spaces, children’s festivals and auditoria since the last 4 years. The team is closing the play and ending this beautiful journey with the last two shows at Shoonya. So don’t miss it!

About the play

Hell breaks loose on the peaceful farm when Rosamma the cow gets cranky. She yells and scolds and rants and raves sending all the other animals into a tizzy. So much so that the farmer is forced to do some quick thinking to solve the problem. How Cow Now Cow uses storytelling, live music, puppets, objects and imagery to tell the story of travel, adventure and companionship. Set in a wonderful world that stretches far beyond a typical farm, the play, with its non judgmental tone and openness allows children to interpret the performance in several ways.