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Horticultural Therapy Summer Camp

Horticultural Therapy Summer Camp by ArtyPlantz is a one week Summer camp for the children with Autism. In this camp the children will be exposed to various nature-related games and activities which enhances their physical, mental and social skills.

All materials will be provided by the program co-ordinators from ArtyPlantz. This will be an opportunity for the parents to know about the benefits of Horticultural Therapy for their children.

This is will be an amazing opportunity for your children to explore nature in an interesting and fun way. You could register with us for a longer duration program if you wish to continue with these activities beyond the summer camp period.

h3. What your child will be exposed to in this camp

* Social Interaction: Being in a garden improves cooperation, teamwork skills and dealing with success and failure – naturally, without human intervention. We will enable your children to care for and be with plants. Celebrating the joy of harvesting fruits with their friends and relatives will improve their social and emotional maturity.
* Communication: Working in the garden and engaging in activities using plants and natural materials will help to make them open up and communicate better.
* Fine Motor and Gross Motor Skills: Horticultural Therapy activities help improve the muscular strength and control of your children.
* Cognition: Fragrance and colors can make great impact on our emotions and in effect, on our minds. Color and fragrance related activities will help improve concentration, attention span and cognitive functioning. Children engaging in gardening will feel connected to the plants they grow. Over time this would slowly get them to become more empathetic, not just towards plants, but to others as well. Being in nature and engaging in different activities and games will help stimulate all the senses in the body.

We focus on each individual and create a customized schedule for every one them based on their different abilities,
likes and dislikes. This will be a great opportunity for you and your child to connect with Nature.

h3. Schedule

* Apr 25 – 25: Introduction to plants, soil and other nature-friendly materials through activities.
* Apr 27 – 28: Indoor and outdoor activities and games
* Apr 29 : Outdoor trip to a Medicinal Herb Garden
* Apr 30 – May 1: Making eco-friendly products and gifts. Certification.