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Hobby Lobby

About Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby is an institute which caters to various interests of kids and adults as well. We help children identify their hidden talents so that they can pursue them further. For children who would like to learn guitar, keyboard, chess, drawing, painting and many other activities, Hobby Lobby is the place. They can also look forward to some exciting activities during vacation.

Classes offered at Hobby Lobby

Art & Craft Classes
✓ Drawing And Painting
Dance Classes
✓ Bollywood✓ Bharathnatyam✓ Theatre Class
Music Classes
✓ Guitar✓ Keyboard
Learning & Development
✓ Handwriting Improvement✓ Math Skills✓ Mental Maths
Age group
4 yrs +
What kids learn
  1. Abacus: Improve your child’s mathematical skills and calculation speed as you learn to work with the abacus. Mental arithmetic not only stirs up the child’s interest in arithmetic but also trains them to be more persistent thus improving their concentration and absorption power. The finger techniques stimulate both left and right sides of the brain and improves interaction between the mind and body.
  2. Handwriting: Beautiful & Legible Handwriting plays an important role in a child’s success. The size, slant, spacing and rhythm are very important for a good writing. Their Handwriting class addresses exactly this need.
  3. Guitar/Keyboard: They provide you ample opportunity to quench your thirst for music with the Guitar / Keyboard classse. So, make the most of this opportunity.
  4. Bharatanatyam: In India, the land of rich culture & heritage, Bharatanatyam is the jewel in the crown. It is one of the most graceful, beautiful dance forms of India. It takes years of hard work, practice to become a performer. It is a nice beautiful form of exercise as well.
  5. Bollywood dance: Dive into the divine world of dance with our dance class. Dance is one thing you will never get tired of – a unique combination of exercise and fun! It’s the whole package.
  6. Chess: Spark your child’s brainpower and interest with the ancient game of Chess! This program helps the children to improve their analytical ability, concentration and enjoy playing at the same time!
  7. Drawing & Painting: This program brings in the brilliance of colours and ideas together. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, you can learn what you are keen to learn.
  8. Hula Hooping: Hooping is one of the world’s fastest growing Performing Arts. In addition to being a fun performing art, Hooping is also a super workout as well. Also given the variety of movements it can be considered a total-body workout.
  9. Theatre: Explore your child’s dramatic skills with their workshop on theatre. While children have lots fun playing theater games, doing skits, experiencing poetry theatre, we are silently working on their public speaking skills, stage fear, confidence, voice modulation & many more aspects, thus making this a Multi-Purpose class!!! The kids will also be trained for an exam to be conducted by the Trinity Institute, London.
Class size
8 to 10 kids in each batch
Student teacher ratio
2 hours a week

Abacus kit and Handwriting books will be provided on payment. For drawing and painting classes the student must get an A4 size drawing book, a black sketch pen, an eraser, a sharpner, Camlin drawing pensil set, 50 shades of oil pastels. For chess class the students need to bring the chess board.

  • Abacus: Rs. 1300/- for kit + Rs. 3100/- level
  • Handwriting: Rs. 450/- for kit + Rs. 3100/-
  • Guitar: Rs/ 1200/- per month
  • Keyboard: Rs. 1200/- per month
  • Bharatanatyam: Rs. 1200/- per month for beginners | Rs. 2000/- per month for advanced
  • Bollywood: Rs. 900/- month for Age 4 to 7 yrs Rs. 1000/- per month for 8 yrs and above.
  • Drawing & Painting: Rs. 1000/- per month for beginners | Rs. 1500/- per month for advanced level.
  • Chess: Rs. 1200/- per month for beginners | Rs. 1700/- per month for intermediate level.
  • Hula Hooping: Rs. 1500/- per month.
  • Theatre: Rs. 2200/- per month