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Hippocampus Children’s Experience Centre

About Hippocampus Children’s Experience Centre

Hippocampus is a fun Library and Experience Centre for children filled with a wide plethora of books, weekend activities, clubs, summer camps etc. Hippocampus keeps children coming back for more.

Age group
0 - 16 years
Over 15,000 books
Facility Details
✓ Wifi✓ Restrooms✓ Parking✓ Kid-friendly Furniture✓ Reading Corner

Types of books

Early Readers
✓ Alaphabet Books✓ Baby Books✓ Bedtime Stories✓ First Books✓ Nursery Rhymes✓ Picture Books✓ Picture Story Books✓ Toddler Books✓ Touch & Feel Books
School going kids
✓ Action & Adventure✓ Bedtime Stories✓ Beginning Readers✓ Board Books✓ Chapter Books✓ Concept Books✓ Easy Readers✓ Encyclopaedias✓ Fairy Tales✓ First Books✓ Informational Books✓ Knowledge Books/ Series✓ Math✓ Rhyming Books/ Rhythmic Books
Teens & above
✓ Action & Adventure✓ Art✓ Audio Books✓ Biographies✓ Comic✓ Dictionaries✓ Drama✓ Encyclopaedias✓ Fables✓ Fantasy✓ Fiction✓ Folk Tales/ Folklore✓ Historical Fiction✓ History✓ Informational Books✓ Knowledge Books/ Series E.G.: Time Life✓ Legends✓ Math✓ Modern Fantasy✓ Movies✓ Mystery✓ Myths✓ Non-Fiction✓ Novels✓ Poetry & Drama✓ Realistic Fiction✓ Religious Books✓ Science Fiction✓ Traditional Literature

Membership details

Membership Plan

To become a member, drop in at Hippocampus, choose a suitable package and make the payment. There are various plan types with different rates. You can rent a minimum of 5 books and a maximum of 10. Books can be rented for 2 weeks, you can extend this by just a phone call. A stamp size photograph of the child is required for membership purposes. For more information, do get in touch with Sneha at the given number.

Delivery & Payment

How to place an order

Door delivery available. Becoming a member is easy. You have to visit our center at Koramangala (Bangalore) to sign up and collect your start up kit. Once you sign up, you will be given a login and password to access your page. You can go online to ‘browse’ our catalogue. You can search by age, title, author, subject and series.

The route is fixed for drop and pick up and will be done once a month. The number of books you can borrow depends on your membership type and the number of books you have with you at the moment. You can request for an extra pick up/ drop, at an extra cost.

Payment can be made by cash or credit card.