12 Healthy Home Bakers & Restaurants in Bangalore

12 Healthy Home Bakers & Restaurants in Bangalore Cover Image

Biting into that next oven-made goodie can be guilt-free now with this delicious array of healthy bakers in the city!

Want to indulge in desserts the safe way? These 12 healthy home bakers and restaurants in Bangalore will astonish you with their creativity.

We all love and consume cakes and bakes but what if we could feast on them knowing that they are packed with nutrients and are free of preservatives and allergens? Your kids will eat to their hearts’ content and the parents can heave a sigh of relief too.

Here are 12 healthy home bakers and restaurants in Bangalore who make sinfully delicious cakes and bakes. Smack those lips and get ready to order!

1. Ovenderful


Photo from Ovenderful’s Facebook page

Ovenderful is one of the most popular home bakers in Bangalore. They specialize in healthy and special diet cakes and bakes from alternative flours and natural sweeteners, including vegan, gluten free, lactation friendly, diabetic friendly and paleo. Apart from their regular cakes, their tea cakes, tarts, quiches, muffins, loaf cakes, scones and cupcakes are scrumptious and free of artificial colors or preservatives.

Kids will love: Their gluten free nan khatais made without baking powder or soda
For the moms and dads: Their healthy apple pies with barley oats crust, handcrafted cookies and more

How to order: You can place your order at their new web site.
Facebook page: Ovenderful 

2. Smitha’s Cake Hive

Smitha's Cake Hive Banana nut Cake

Photo from Smitha’s Cake Hive’s Facebook page

A home baker who makes delicious vegan cakes, cookies and other bakes, Smitha Hemadri’s creations are to pine for! Whole wheat, preservative-free, allergen-free, dairy-free, jaggery-free, sugar-free, oil-free and egg-free options are available, all organic and extremely delicious!

Kids will love: Their beautiful birthday cakes and pizza with vegan cheese
For the moms and dads: Their vegan and gluten-free Jowar masala cookies, chocolate ragi sweet cookie and Jowar bread

How to order: By phone or email. For more details, click here.
Facebook page: Smitha’s Cake Hive

3. The Happy Baker


Photo from The Happy Baker’s Facebook page

The Happy Baker provides whole grain, eggless, preservative-free, hand baked, organic and gluten-free cakes. All their bakes can be customized based on requirements.

The kids will love: Their eggless and whole grain cakes
For moms and dads: Their spiced masala chai tea cake and organic cookies!

How to order: To order, go to their page here
Facebook page: The Happy Baker

4. Carrots


Photo from the Carrots Restaurant’s Facebook page

Carrots is a beautiful vegan restaurant in Koramangala and offers a unique range of plant based food, taking inspirations from cuisines from around the world. They have cakes, desserts and other bakes that are gluten and dairy free, using alternatives like almond, cashew and peanut milk to enrich the taste.

Kids will love: Their German chocolate cake and brownies
For dads and moms: Their cookies, chocolate tofu mousse, multi-grain muffins

How to place an order: You can place an order through Swiggy or Zomato, or over the phone. Visit their web site to know more.
Facebook page: Carrots The Healthy Kitchen

5. The Gluten Free Bread Boutique


Photo from the Gluten Free Bread Boutique’s Facebook page

Located at Lavelle Road, the Gluten Free Bread Botique makes gluten-free, dairy-free and soy-free non GMO breads, cakes, cookies,pizza crust and more, apart from customising cakes and bakes as per dietary preferences. They make all their cakes using sorghum, millet, water chestnut, bean, honey and fruit pulp, and other natural ingredients to create wonderful, rich flavors.

Kids will love: Their delicious pastries and yummy natural jams made with organic fruit, with flavors as diverse as chikoo, jackfruit, fig and more
For dads and moms: Their pastries and focaccia

How to place an order: Contact them at +91-9845869109 to place an order.
Facebook page: The Gluten Free Bread Boutique

6. Ashel’s Baking Heaven


Photo from Ashel’s Baking Heaven’s Facebook page

Ashel’s Baking Heaven uses local, sustainable and organic products.  They make sugar-free, dairy free and gluten free foods. You can also avail of cakes and bakes customized to suit Paleo and keto diets.

Kids will love: Their healthy, beautiful birthday cakes and whole wheat cookies
For moms and dads:
Their avocado chocolate bread

How to place an order: Call +91-90081 64962 to place an order.
Facebook page: Ashel’s Baking Heaven

7. Taantra Organic Baking


From Taantra Organic Handbaking’s Facebook page

One of the most popular organic bakers in town, Taantra specializes in organic, multigrain, gluten-free and vegan cakes and bakes. From chocolate hazelnut butter and healthy breads with nuts and seeds to ceremonial cakes and multi grain cakes, there’s something for every kind of health-conscious dessert lover here!

Kids will love: Their absolutely yummy custom cake toppings and their multigrain cakes
For moms and dads: Their energy bars, cookies and healthy breads

How to place an order: Call +91-97312 44600 to place an order.
Facebook page: Taantra Organic Baking

8. Paradigm Shift


From Paradigm Shift’s Facebook page

One of Bangalore’s most popular and beloved vegan restaurants, Paradigm Shift in Koramangala was started by vegan Sowmya Reddy. They stock delicious cakes and bakes and even have healthy and preservative free sundaes and fried ice creams. They use multi grains instead of maida and brown sugar and jaggery instead of white sugar.

Kids will love: Their dark chocolate truffle cake, mousse and cupcakes
For moms and dads:
Their custard pies, cookies and tarts

How to place an order: Call +91-9632903999 to place an order. 
Facebook page: Paradigm Shift

9. Fitbakes


From the Fitbakes Facebook page

True to its name, Fitbakes is a healthy bakery that makes many vegan desserts like muffins, protein cakes and more. A look at their menu will have you rushing to place an order! High in protein and low in fat, these are guilt-free indulgences for the entire family!

Kids will love: Their mindblowing peanut butter fudge brownies made with beans, quinoa and topped with peanut butter and their yummy blueberry lemon muffins
For the moms and dads: The black forest muffins filled with mixed berries and mango banana muffins with coconut milk topped with cashew and almonds

How to place an order: Call +91-9620462376 to place an order.
Facebook page: Fitbakes

10. Mommy’s Health Kitchen


From Mommy’s Health Kitchen’s Facebook page

All the cakes and bakes from Mommy’s Healthy Kitchen are naturally packed with fruits and vegetables, sweetened with organic honey jaggery or dates, and are rich in vitamins and minerals. The cakes have no refined sugar, no added preservatives and no artificial flavors or coloring whatsoever. 

Kids will love:  Their apple jaggery biscuits, brownies, and the babies will love their wholewheat teething bread sticks, which are filled with iron, calcium and protein
For the moms and dads: Their chocolate almond granolas are huge hits! Also try their wholewheat bread made with olive oil and sweetened with organic honey.

How to place an order: Call +91-99458 04929 to place an order.
Facebook page: Mommy’s Health Kitchen

11. Lluvia Bakery


From Lluvia Bakery’s Facebook page

Lluvia Bakery bakes fresh and preservative free, organic cakes and bakes. All products are made with whole wheat bread so this means that the childlren are getting more whole grains in their diet. All their breads are made with 100 organic ingredients. biscotti and cookies, snacks, partyboxes and mini desserts and sweets. organic whole wheat and baked fresh every day.

Kids will love: Their snackboxes, which typically contain a combination of desserts like a muffin and a brownie and snacks like bruchetta and pizza.
For the moms and dads: Their cookies, biscottis and tea cakes.

How to order: You can use the Limitless Circle app on your play store and look for Lluvia Bakery. The app is a good place to find out about their menu and place orders. You can also call +91-81051 62111 to place your order.
Facebook page: Lluvia Bakery

12. HomeMade Beku


From Homemade Beku’s Facebook page

Homemade Beku offers vegan cakes. Eggless, dairy free and without any animal products, the cakes are also cholestrol free and are made using whole wheat and organic ingredients. Gluten-free, sugar-free and oil-free cakes are available on request. Place your order two days in advance.

Kids will love: Their mango mousse cake chocolate orange cakes and apple walnut muffins, chocolate brownie with strawberry and hot chocolate sauce
For moms and dads: Whole wheat dates loaf

How to order:  Call +91-99001 53668 to place your order.
Facebook page: HomeMade Beku

*Disclaimer: BuzzingBubs does help with placing orders, contacting the sellers or other such requirements. We are not personally affiliated with any of the bakers. Please reach out to the bakers and restaurants for details on delivery, orders and more.

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