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Globetrippers Summer Camp 2020

Globetrippers Summer Camp 2020

This summer give your kids the gift of travel! Various cultures, traditions, languages, foods, arts &, crafts, traditional games and interactions with guests from various nationalities – that’s what this experiential travel Globetrippers Summer Camp is all about. The summer sessions will create an environment for young adults to explore various cultures across the globe, inspiring and engaging them with learning experiences directed through different sensory inputs. So, go have fun, develop curiosity, become more sensitive to world cultures and enjoy the exposure! The Globetrippers Summer Sessions will give your kids the window to ten countries across ten days in April and six countries across six days in May. 

Participants will be trippin’ to following countries:

  • April Week 1: Kenya, Bhutan, Argentina, Russia and Greece
  • April Week 2: Australia, Indonesia, Germany, Canada and Japan
  • May: New Zealand, South Africa, Morocco, Peru, USA and Germany


Last date to register for Week 1 @ The Studio & Atta Galatta is  1st April
Last date to register for Week 2 for both locations is 11th April