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About Globetrippers

Globetrippers is a travel club that simulates travel to different countries, by engaging children in a number of multicultural sensory stimulation. Exploring the country’s culture, food, art, personalities etc. and engaging in fun-filled traditional games, crafts, audio-visuals, music and demonstration from persons belonging to that particular culture or a related field.

Our vision is to create an environment for young adults to explore various cultures across the globe, inspiring and engaging them with learning experiences directed through all the different sensory inputs.

With just a hop, trip and jump watch your kids travel across the globe with the Globetrippers’ Travel Club!

Workshops by Globetrippers

Age Group
4 to 12 years
What Kids Learn
The kids experience a country just for the day, while learning about its diverse culture through fun. Curiosity, intrigue a questioning mind is what makes them world citizens. The children (Trippers) get to interact with different nationals or a professional who is proficient in a particular art form relevant to the country/state at hand.
✓ Enhanced Learning✓ Travel Club
Workshop Size
20 to 25 kids
2.5 hours
Each child is given a Globetrippers messenger bag, Globetrippers Tripper Trail (map) Globetrippers passport and a boarding card is stamped on entry to the session. The Trippers get country relevant takeaways sourced from the country at hand or are made locally keeping the country in focus. This acts as a recall and learning takes places in all these forms.
First time Globetripper: Rs. 7500/-
First time Globetripper Junior: Rs. 6500/-
How to register
To register for the workshop you can send them an email, message via Facebook page or give them a call.

Classes offered at Globetrippers