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Globe Trotters

About Globe Trotters

Globe Trotters Box is a fun and creative way for your child to explore the world, one country at a time. Their vision is to inspire children to learn about the world and develop a sense of discovery and adventure in them. Each box contains a special letter to introduce the child to the country along with multiple art and craft projects, puzzles/games and souvenirs from around the world. The boxes will include all the material and instructions for the projects given.

Age Group
3 - 12 yrs
Type of Activities & Games
✓ Art & Craft✓ Board games✓ Card games✓ Coloring activities✓ Educational games✓ Learning activities✓ Travel games
Kit Contains

The country-theme boxes contain multiple art and craft projects, puzzles/game and souvenirs to introduce the cultures of various countries of the world to the child. The entire concept is woven around fun cartoon characters Oyo, Zu and Wak (Moozoos) who travel around the world and send letters and creative kits to the child.

Subscription Plans
Subscription plans for 3 month and 6 months are available. The activity box is sent monthly to the subscriber.

Globe Trotters as return gifts

Return Gift Options
Birthday return gifts options are available and these can be customized as well. The return gifts options are availble in the given themes:
  • World Travel - Contains an assortment of activities from country theme boxes.
  • Superheroes Kit - Make and play superhero cape, mask and cuffs.
  • Little Pirates - Make and play pirate hat, eye patch and moustache
  • Little Fairy - Make your own Magic Wand Craft Kits.
  • Little Airplanes - Make your own Craft Stick Airplanes
  • Little Rockets - Make your own Space Rocket Photo frame
  • Christmas boxes - Fun craft projects on christmas themes.

Delivery & Payment

How to place an order

Globe Trotter Box can be purchased online through their website www.globetrottersbox.com.