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Globe Hoppers Summer Camp

Globe Hoppers Summer Camp

Globe Hoppers Summer Camp introduces children to various countries through music, art, food, dance and games. Expand their horizons and their understanding of the world. Some of the activities include, music and movement, theatre, kinesthetic play, art and craft, traditional games and no fire cooking!

Parents may choose the whole camp or one week of the camp according to dates that suit them.

Camp Details

  • Dance and Zumba: Traditional, Contemporary and Freestyle
  • Music and Movement: Theme based songs and an introduction to rhythm, pitch, and music from other countries.
  • Theatre: Games and fun exercises through improvisation and public speaking enhancing creativity and self-confidence 
  • Kinesthetic Play: Messy play with water, slime, jelly, sand and other sensorial materials
  • Art and Craft: Activities that correspond to the country in learning (eg. aboriginal art from Australia) as well as activities that explore the child’s creative side (colour mixing, art techniques).
  • Traditional Games: corresponding to the chosen country
  • No Fire Cooking: Teaching children to make healthy food and drinks and teaching them health benefits.


To register for the summer camp call: +91-6366719232 or drop in at the centre